Stay Alive.Mature

hey anyone can join, dont kill without that characters consent and write til your hearts content xxx


I walked into school, finding it emty. It was like in one of those tacky horror movies, and as soon as I though that a little bit a white paper rolled accross the floor!

Alisha, a spoilt girl in my year, ran out of the canteen shrieking like a mad women, her left thumb had been ripped off and she ran up to me, sobbing uncontrolably.

'Get away from here, Bast! They're coming for us!'She cried.

I grabbed her shoulders and said, 'who's coming? Alisha! You have to concentrate!Shhh, Shhh! Whats coming?'

'The Shaman! He's killed... he killed David and Ellie! He's coming! AHHHHHHH!'She screamed, lifting a shaking finger and pointing at a dark, hooded figure that was walking slowly, but threataningly our way.

I pushed Alisha behind me and stood in front of her in a protective mannar.

'So... You try protect the girl? SHe will fall under my power soon enough, though... All of the Old Souls shall rise and they will have their fill, but soon the dark place will have your soul... I feel it in my bones... yes, you throb with power... soon to be dead though... dead or deadly....'He said in a dark sinister voice.

'Get the hell away from us!'I hissed, but my voice was shaky and I had a lump in my throat. All my instincts told me to run.

'...But I'm going to be nice... I'm going to play a little game before you die. Want to know what it's called? It's name is: Stay Alive!'He hissed, then his booming laugh was echoing around me, it made the air ripple and change. 

It made me dizzy and when I opened my eyes, I didn't see the school grounds. I was in a new world.

The sky was a deep red and clouds covered the threatening sky. I was in a unattended graveyard, vines grew up the gates and grime and moss  sat on the grave's in layers of  bland colours.

It went black and I was threw into a empty grave.

I thought I was done for, but two figures pulled me out.

It was a girl and boy, both of them about my age. The female was wearing some tatty black jeans and a tight, dirt ridden leather jacket, she was really, very pretty with  almond shaped eyes and full, wavy ginger hair. But it was caked in mud and it now looked like a dull light which was desperate to glow. The male wore a pair of muddy, brow khaki shorts and a light green T-shirt with a navy blue zip-up hoodie over the top.

"Hi, I'm Crissie and this is Jack. I see you've nearly failed to stay alive in Stay Alive."


The End

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