All she could hear was the clang of weapons and the cries of the dying. All she could smell was death and blood. All she could see was the end. She had failed... and now the world would fall.

Rose James awoke with a start, panting and trembling. She stumbled out of bed and turned on the lights. She looked around her room, reminding herself it was just a dream. She was not in the middle of a battle, she was in her room. She looked at the clock- it read 1:00 A.M. - and she knew she would not sleep for the rest of the night. She walked over to her bookshelf and took down The Return of the King. She flipped through the well-worn pages, skimming sections. After a few minutes, she sighed, putting the book back and turning off the lights. She collapsed on her bed, and stared at the ceiling, hoping sleep would come, but it eluded her. She bit her lip and rolled over, grabbing her laptop off the nightstand. She put her headphones on and laid back, watching as the opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring played on the small screen.

The smell of bacon sizzling on the stove jerked Rose back to reality. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was time to get ready for school. She paused The Two Towers- she had finished The Fellowship of the Ring- and closed her laptop. She took off her headphones and put it on her bed. She got up and shivered, grabbing her robe off the floor and putting it on. She stuck her feet in her slippers and headed downstairs. She spotted Maria pouring milk and Mark pulling the bacon she had smelled off the stove and putting it on a plate. He ignored Rose as she entered the kitchen. She sat down and quietly took a slice of bacon, looking at her adopted parents. They both sat down and started eating. Rose ate as quickly as she could, eager to get away from the tension. She looked at Maria, noting the developing bruises on her face and arms. Biting her lip, Rose took care of her dishes and hurried back to her room. Last night had been really bad- she was surprised the neighbors hadn’t complained to the cops. She was glad she had gone upstairs when she had- otherwise, she would have bruises on her face, too. She quickly changed into her school clothes and brushed her teeth. She jerked a brush through her red hair and braided it. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and left the house at a jog. Rose went to the bus stop, where she sat down waiting. A few minutes later, the sound of feet on the sidewalk caused her to turn, seeing a small black haired girl approaching. She said nothing as her best friend, Sky Winters, sat down next to her. She saw the expression on Rose’s face “You ok?” she asked. Shaking her head, Rose answered “No… Maria and Mark really went at it last night, and I had the dream again.” “Again? Rose, you’ve had that dream every night for two months now. You really should talk to someone about it. Seriously, how much sleep have you been getting a night these past few months? An hour? Two hours? I still can’t believe you actually keep up with homework and everything without collapsing.” The small girl made a face as she said this, looking in concern at her friend. They sat there in silence, and Rose looked around, thinking about what Rose had said. She blinked, and suddenly the world became much clearer. Everything was in focus. She could see a mouse scurrying from its hole: she could hear its tiny heart hammering as it searched for food. She heard the beat of a hawk’s wing and knew what it was going to do. She watched as the hawk dived, scooping up the house in its talons. She could make out every feather. As suddenly as the world came into focus, it went back to normal. She shook herself and looked over and saw Sky looking at her, a troubled expression on her face. “What is it?” Rose asked. “Your eyes… they turned gold, then red, and now they are brown like the normally are. It was weird.” Sky sighed, blinking her bright blue eyes that she had been named for “I wonder where Harmony and Melody are.” She said abruptly, changing the subject. As soon as she said that, Rose heard two girls arguing if Luke was a stronger in the Force than Anakin, or if Anakin had been stronger than his son. “They’re her,” she said, looking over her shoulder to see two identical red haired girls approaching. The Twins, as Harmony and Melody were known, sat down by their friends and nodded a hello. They were nearly impossible to tell apart, except for the fact that Melody’s eyes were as black as night and Harmony’s were golden. The four were soon joined by two more. One was a stunning blonde girl with piercing silver eyes, the other was a pretty brown haired girl with cold green eyes. Angel- the blonde- was quiet and obviously distracted. The other girl, Reina, sat by Harmony and took her side in the argument, saying that Luke might have resisted the dark side, but Anakin had the better connection to the Force. By the time the bus rolled up, all six had become involved in the debate, on one side or the other.

The End

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