Battle of the ElementsMature

Chapter 1:

Isis stretched. As First Elemental of Ice, she was expected to take care of issues in her part of Orchid. Soon, there would be a meeting of the Elementals. She smiled slightly. It would be nice to see Isabel and Ever. Evryel.. And the others. She smiled grimly. She shrugged and looked at the date. The meeting was today! Shocked that she had forgotten, she grabbed her trunk that was always packed and yelled for Arlaan. The dragon was by her side instantly “Yes?” she asked. “Let’s go.” Isis snapped, trying hard to ignore her dragon’s amused face.  She mounted and the two vanished


                Isis and Arlaan rushed into the meeting room. She looked around, and realized the others weren’t here yet. She sat down in her chair, waiting. Finally, she sensed a presence. It felt like a roaring fire, racing to engulf anything in its path. Then Alvara entered. The First Elemental of Fire was accompanied by a massive brown dragon. The dragon, Kalkara, saw Arlaan and looked away, shuffling his feet. The ice dragon, snorted and rolled her golden eyes. Isis stroked her dragon’s muzzle, then walked over to shake Liz’s hand. As she did, another presence entered the room. One hat felt like a tornado. Sure enough, Ember, First Elemental of Air, strode in, walking side by side with Kynd, a dragon.  Then Core and Battle. Mist and Glimmer. Sahara and the aptly named Hydra. Syth and Night. Nicki  and Akurai. Then the Second and Third Elementals. And Fourth. Isis returned to sitting, watching the others. Core rose to his feet “Let us begin this meeting with introductions. I am Core, First Elemental of Water, Rider of Battle.”  His giant serpent nodded, bored. Then a girl stepped up “I am Kyetara, Rider of Killer, Second Elemental of Water” Isis listened. She absently wrote down the lists of Elementals and their creatures:

First Elementals:

Isis-Ice- Arlaan(dragon)

Alvara-Fire- Kalkara(dragon)

Mist- Earth- Glimmer(unicorn)


Ember- air- kind(dragon)

Syth- energy- Night(unicorn/dragon shifter)

Core-water- Battle (sea serpent)

Nicki - Light- Akarui(dragon)

Second Elementals:


Fyara- Fire- Nightmare (Pegasus)

Whisper-earth- Mystic(unicorn)

Myth-Darkness- Nightfang(hellhound)

Alexandra- air- Sunbeak(gryphon)

Sandra- energy- Vengeance(dragon)

Kyetara- water- Killer(Sea serpent)

Azara- light- Moonlight

Third Elementals

Ever-Ice- Solar(winged tiger)

Christina- Fire- Sundrop (winged lion)

Hope- Earth- Eaglefeather(winged wolf)

Twilight- darkness- Shadowdeath(winged cougar)

Star- air- Stormheart(gryphon)

Shiver- energy-Winternight(winged wolf)

Aurora- water- Oceanjewel(winged wolf)

Faith- light- Starfang

Fourth Elementals

Evryel- Ice- Warrior(unicorn)

Jake- Fire- Pyrrhus (dragon)

Derek-earth- Dusk(unicorn)

Leo- darkness- Midnight(winged wolf)

Andrew- air- Scarwing (winged wolf)

Sapphire- energy- Dewfall(unicorn)

Eric- water- Relle(dragon)

Will- light- Magic(winged wolf)



                Finally, introductions were done. Isis looked at her paper, and groaned loudly. It was well known that she had a hard time with names. She banged her head on the table, ignoring the looks of amusement on the First Elementals’ faces and the confusion on the rest. After a few minutes, Core rose to his feet “Now, as you all know, it is tradition to trade apprentices around- yes, all of you all are apprentices- and I will announce assignments  now.” He duck around in a stack of papers, pulled one out and read “Isis- Myth, Christina, and Andrew. Alvara-Kyetara, Hope, and Evryel . Mist- Alexandria, Faith, and Eric. Sahara- Azara, Ever, and Jake. Ember- Isabel, Shiver, and Leo. Syth-  Fyara, Twilight, and Will. I get Whisper, Star, and Sapphire. Nicki - Sandra, Aurora, and Derek. “ Isis grimaced. This would be fun. She stood up and said “Since that is settled, I wish to leave”  She noted that no one argued, for it was well known that she could beat anyone here. She mounted Arlaan and waited impatiently for them to mount there creatures. She took off and flew home, her new charges trailing behind her. She didn’t want apprentices of other elements. She murmured to Arlaan “Let’s teach these young’ ins a lesson.” Arlaan smiled and took off, going as only she could. They approached the ice kingdom. When they got there, the two dived through the ice into the water beneath. They watched as the others went overhead, lost. She heard Myth say irritably “Why are we here? Isis is a joke. A fraud. She knows that, and now she hides like a coward. We should lea-“ Before she could finish that sentence, Isis moved herself through the ice and appeared right in front of Nightfang and Myth. She reached out and grabbed the girl’s throat with an icy cold hand. “Who are you calling a fraud? “ Fear flashed in Myth’s eyes as she stared into Isis’ eyes. They were cold and merciless, and she realized that Isis was furious and about to kill her…..


                Core shot through the water, clinging to Battle. His thoughts wandered back to the other First Elementals. All of them were beautiful, he mused. But the three he kept thinking of were Syth, Isis, and Sahara. Now there was power in those three. Finally, they arrived at his castle. Star was the only one there, for she probably used the wind to speed her trip. Then the other two arrived. He looked at them calmly, dark red eyes impassive. “I have a few rules. Do not wander around alone. Don’t argue. Ask questions. “

The End

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