The Rise of Dragons (Failed Nanowrimo, Part 8)Mature

Chapter 4:Zelda

I really don’t think it’s fair how I missed all the interesting stuff because I got zapped by everyone’s favorite person, the Angel of Death. I also don’t think it is fair that she can do that. You know, zap people with lightning and knock them out. Bad guys have all the fun, don’t they?

I blinked slowly. Pain shot through my skull, and I let out a low groan. I turned my head and opened gaze and saw an anxious golden eye. I let out a soft groan and rolled to my feet, ignoring the pain and her anxious pleas that I rest. I was angry, and I wanted to kill something. I asked How long? Lucy answered About 2 hours. You’ve missed a lot. I looked around. I saw Caroline crouched over a limp Cassandra, cleaning wounds that I couldn’t tell where they could have come from. Winter was nowhere to be found, and Rose was distracted, driving back any humans who approached. I was still weak, but I wanted out of this city. Dove nudged me, looking at me with big eyes. Where’s Winter? I questioned. Caroline looked up, and then away, as if she didn’t want to say anything We can move her. She said abruptly. She took off, grabbing Cassandra in her hind claws. Lucy and Rose came over to help her carry the dragoness. I took off, Dove at my side like glue. The humans yelled at us, but Caroline roared and they fell quiet. We fell quickly, not really anywhere in particular.

Canada. That’s where we ended up. We landed in a deserted meadow, and I heard a distant helicopter following us. I crouched in the grass, breathing slowly, tired. I turned my head to Dove Alright. Spill. Where the heck is Winter? Dove looked away, reluctant. I growled softly, and she sighed After you were knocked out, the Angel spoke directly to her. She obviously knew her. Then when the Angel vanished, Winter said we had to leave and Cassandra accused her of being a traitor.  Winter got mad and attacked Cassandra, and you see how that went. Well, after she took down Cassandra, she fled. I have no idea what happened to her. I sat back on my haunches, thinking. This was interesting. I breathed in the clean air, and twisted my head to examine my chest, where the dark magic had hit me. There was a dark mark, shaped like a grinning skull. Dove crept closer, sniffing it. I drew back, and she looked away. I laid down, resting my head against the ground. Dove laid down next to me, and laid her head on my flank. I stiffened, but she didn’t notice and fell asleep. Caroline looked at me oddly, and said Sleep. I’ll take first watch. I nodded and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to come. I eventually fell into a fitful sleep, dreaming of a small purple dragon, blood spilling from its throat. I woke up with a start, looking around frantically. She was sleeping peacefully in a corner. I twisted my neck and realized Dove was still curled up next to me. I gently pulled away, not liking how close she was. I studied my surroundings, and saw the sun peeking over the horizon. Caroline was crouched in the meadow, alert. I flew to her side First watch, my tail. More like only watch. She snorted, releasing a burst of flames. I rolled my eyes and enjoyed the time in my natural form. I had forgotten how much I missed being a dragon for an extended period of time. The power was… exhilarating. Humans were so weak. No wonder we left Earth, unable to have to share our glory with the humans. I stretched my wings, soaking in the sun. I began polishing my silver scales so they sparkled in the sun. Caroline was watching me in the corner of her eye, obviously amused at my vanity. I turned away, thinking about the crown I had hidden in a safe place where no one would find it. When it came time, I knew it would come to me. Until then, I could live without it. Caroline had drifted off to sleep, leaving me to stand guard. I looked at the other dragons. While I was asleep, Caroline had shifted from her secondary blue form to her primary red form. She lay at my side, smoke curling from her nostrils as she slept. Lucy lay alone at the opposite end of the clearing, rolling on her back and kicking like a dog would. Rose was curled next to Cassandra. She snarled in her sleep, lip curling to expose her fangs. Cassandra was still limp. Dove lay where I left her, golden scales sparkling. Her tail lashed and she curled into a tighter ball.  It was a pity I couldn’t trust any of them. But that was the way life worked. Trust was a thing of the past, of history.  Experience was a very good teacher. I remembered how my family was slaughtered by my decision to trust the wrong dragon- the dragon that was known as the Bringer of Death. But I knew her real name. Ruvaak. I had opened up to her and trusted her, giving her secrets, secrets that had led to her killing my family. I remembered her very clearly- the cruel golden eyes and violet scales. I dug my claws into the dirt. I would kill her if I ever got the chance. I lifted my face the sun, when I heard it. The rhythmic thud of helicopter blades churning the air, coming closer with every breath. I lashed Caroline with my tail, waking her up. I quickly woke the others up, and told Dove Shock Cassandra. Hopefully that will be enough. She looked at me oddly but bounded over to the limp dragoness and touched her with her muzzle. Cassandra came too, trembling. Up. I snapped, shoving her to her feet. She stood there, and I growled. Why was she so stinking slow? I could see the helicopter’s now, and they saw us. They landed in the field, armed soldiers leaping out, guns aimed at us. A few stayed in the air, machine guns pointed at us. We all looked to Cassandra, silently asking Do we fight? She shook her head. Dove pressed close to me. I sometimes found it hard to believe we were the same age, these days. She seemed so… I don’t know what to say. I scooted away, jostling Caroline, who ignored e, her gaze fastened on the soldiers who were yelling at us to shift human, that they knew we could. I rolled my eyes. Foolish humans. That’s when Cassandra shifted human, and strode up to them “Have you seen Winter? You know, the black dragon?” She asked desperately. They looked confused, and we exchanged glances. She provoked Winter, who almost killed her, and now she’s begging people who were going to shoot her where the black dragoness was? That made about as much sense as this entire world did.  I reared up on my hind legs, flaring my wings. An uncertain growl rose in my throat. Dove hissed, Caroline snarled, Rose  roared softly, and Lucy remained silent. The soldiers lowered their guns, looking at each other. I sprang forward, seizing Cassandra in my claws and into the air I went. The soldiers ducked, expecting to get roasted, but I just flew way, the others not far behind me.

I soared high in the clouds. Cassandra was riding on the back of Caroline, sleeping, tears frozen on her face. I flipped onto my back, looking at the others below me. They were all grim and silent, thinking. I joined them flying with no real purpose. I was letting my gut guide us, and it wanted me to go this way. Why? I had no idea. No one did. For once, we had no direction. No real sense of what to do. Even when we were just trying pass as normal people, it didn’t feel like this. We were together, a complete whole. Now, Winter was gone and it was as if something that had always pointed us in the right direction was gone with her. I pondered everything. The more I thought, the more I realized how oddly Dove and Cassandra had been acting recently. Cassandra had argued with Winter more than ever, yet she seemed to always be asking where Winter was, if she was alright, etc. Kinda creepy and stalkerish. And Dove had been staring at me. A lot. She was staring at me right now. Her golden gaze never wavered, burning holes in my scales. I was probably imagining it, I decided. It wasn’t like Cassandra was in love with Winter and Dove in love with me. That would be extremely awkward and wrong. Dragons don’t believe in same sex relationships. I shook myself, getting rid of those thoughts. I looked at Caroline and told her We should land. She nodded and banked to look for a good spot. She arrived a few minutes later We are right over a large, clear plain. It smells pretty strongly of prey. That was good. Good job. I said, then dived. I landed lightly on the field, barely noticing the chill. Dove landed at my side, folding her wings.  Rose went over to Caroline and gently took Cassandra off her back, so Caroline could hunt. I nodded to Caroline and we sprang into the air. We each went in opposite directions, searching fo prey. I sniffed the air, the wind bring a strong smell of caribou. I tracked the scent, gaining altitude. I scanned the ground below me, until I finally found the herd after about in 30 minutes of searching. After a few minutes of circling and adjusting the breeze slightly so that it blew my scent away from the caribou, I struck. I arrowed straight down, tucking my wings closer to my body for increased speed. A few hundred feet above the herd, I spread my wings, so I skimmed just over the scattering caribou’s heads. I seized one in each paw, and two in my mouth.  I beat my wings, climbing back into the sky, and head for the others.

I got back at about the same time Caroline did. I placed my caribou on the ground, and she did the same. Together, we had 13 all together. Lucy took one and dug in. The rest of us, Even Cassandra, who had shifted again, took two, leaving two for a small bite in the morning. I dug in, not caring it was raw. Caroline carefully roasted hers, flames streaming from her jaws. We all ate, satisfying the pains in our stomachs. Caroline yawned, the glow of her internal flames shining in the back of her throat. She rolled over, snow clinging to her red scales. She began cleaning her scales, occasionally bathing them in flames. I watched, dozing in the sun as my food digested. Cassandra began speaking You all need to stay here. I am going to find Lily. The rest of us, gorged on food and half asleep, grunted, not really paying attention. With that, Cassandra spread her wings and took off, flying for who knows where. I just wanted a nap… have I mentioned how much I love naps?

The End

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