The Rise of Dragons (Failed Nanowrimo, Part 6)Mature

Chapter 2- Zelda

New York City, New York. I hate that place. So polluted. Eew. Well, what can I say? I’m an air dragon. Pollution makes me sick. So please excuse me for a moment while I go puke….. Ok, I’m good. So, New York, right?

I stepped out of the plane and wrinkled my nose. I flipped my newly dyed blonde hair over shoulder and glanced at Dove, whose hair was black. She saw my expression and made a face. I giggled, unable to help it. What can I say? Being blonde makes me a little loopy. I strolled to the baggage terminal and grabbed my bags when they came around. I saw Lucy sitting in a corner, reading, and I sighed. Lucy heard me and glared. Winter appeared behind me, looking around. She grumbled “I hate it here already.” I giggled again. Ugh. I really need to stop doing that. Winter looked at me, looking confused, then she too burst out in laughter. We both just kept laughing as people just looked at us oddly and walked the other way. I heard someone mutter “Children these days” and I laughed even louder. If only they knew who we really were. I felt the air in the terminal start to blow harder in response to my happiness, a playful breeze, tugging hair. I calmed it and got control of myself and told Winter “Let’s never do blond again. She nodded in agreement “I hear you”

And so we found a place to stay. For the next month, we scoured the city, searching for this source. Our faces still were everywhere, everyone talking about these dragons, wondering if they were real or fake, and what happened to the ones who were believed to be dragons. We were all at the end of our patience- our sanity, even- as our searching seemed to be fruitless. I don’t care to count the number of times Winter went off at any of us. In fact, toward the end of the month, we were all at each other’s throats. Even Dove, who was normally pretty laid back looked like she was going to rip out all our throats. Maybe that’s why they waited so long… but I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

I stormed into the apartment we lived in and collapsed on the couch. I was exhausted, I felt like crap, and I wanted to kill something. Winter, who I had been scouting with, didn’t look much better. She sat at the table and put her head in her hands and groaned “This is useless.” I just grunted. The air around me felt so…. Wrong. I rolled onto my stomach when there was knock at the door. Winter croaked “If you don’t live here, leave.” Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say. The door was kicked down and in strode a tall woman with steel gray hair and creepy glowing red eyes. Winter raised her head, saying “Get out.” The woman laughed, and spoke Oh, no, I am not getting out. Her words rippled across my mind and I groaned, burying my face in the pillow. It was the hydra. I rolled to my feet and said “Please, leave. Give me the address to your apartment and I will come by later and I will beat the living daylights out of you then. Not now, please” She looked at me, confused What? “Please: I don’t want to fight right now. I’m too tired.” As I spoke, I saw Winter in the corner of my eye inching toward the large window. The hydra looked at me, bewildered, when Winter shattered the Winter and leaped out, transforming as she fell. I saluted the hydra and followed, slipping into my natural form. My silver wings spread, catching my fall. I spun, the air around me purifying as I soared through it. I heard three roars, and I turned my head. The hydra had followed. I banked, nearly hitting a building as I turned to face her. Winter hovered at my side. I heard someone yelling my name, and I looked down to see Dove waving frantically to get my attention.  I jerked my head, and She transformed, scattering pedestrians everywhere. Her golden eyes sparkled in the light. She took off, and the three of us waited patiently as the hydra slowed, considering. Winter said I will take the middle head. Dove, take the left. Zelda, the right. I growled in agreement and flew toward her, ignoring the screams of the people below me. All I saw were two gleaming red eyes, and I knew one thing: Kill. I flared my wings too control myself, when flames burst from her mouth. I tilted to avoid becoming barbeque.  I heard Dove roaring dimly in the background as I became focused on avoiding being eaten alive. Suddenly, the hydra vanished and in her appeared those creatures again. You know the ones with tentacles. But this time, they had wings. NOT COOL. The one closest to me bit my tail, and I roared furiously. I clawed its face, and it just growled and let go. A tentacle lashed out, wrapping around my throat, and tightening. I gave a choked gasp, clawing uselessly at the creature. Its dead eyes stared at me, empty, full of nothing. I could feel my life force fading, and I realized I would die soon. Zelda… a voice in my mind whispered. I tilted my head, and in my fading vision I saw Caroline, her eyes wide. She apparently decided that those around her weren’t worth me dying, and she changed. Instead of her primary shape, she shifted to her secondary. Sapphire blue scales rippled in the light as she took off, flying toward me. She bit the tentacle strangling me, and it let go, allowing me to take huge, gasping breaths. The creature turned on her, and she snarled, and it attacked her. I took a quick look around. The other dragons had arrived, each fighting desperately as they searched for a way to destroy the creatures. I saw Winter rip out a chunk of one’s shoulder, but the flesh just grew back. I realized it was hopeless. We couldn’t kill these Creatures. I yelped when another appeared and attacked me, fangs sinking into my flesh. I twisted, gripping it with my claws as I bit and scratched. We crashed into the ground, and I threw it off me into a building. I reached for my power, and the wind stirred in response to my call. The other dragons broke away from the other creatures and landed by my side. We were all bloody and exhausted. I twisted the wind to make it impossible for the creatures to enter, a temporary reprieve. As we stood there, gathering our strength for another assault, I saw her. She walked down the street, beautiful and terrifying. I could not name her: but she was hauntingly familiar. She uttered a strange word, and the creatures came to her. I realized she was one of the ones responsible for this mayhem. She was tall and lean, with jet black hair and milky white skin. Her eyes were blood red, and she reminded me of a vampire. Black wings emerged from her back. She looked like an Angel of Death. As she approached, I felt her power radiate off of her. She stopped outside my wall of wind and looked over us. She smiled, a cold, cruel smile which fit her perfectly. When she spoke, it was in the way of the dragons: which means, in my head. Little dragons, do you not know me? We didn’t answer. I privately asked Winter What’s up with the bad guys always talking to us? Do they want something? She didn’t show any outward sign of hearing, but she replied Why would I know? I realized I shouldn’t press the issue: this sort of thing seemed to set her off. As this went on, Angel- the evil lady- continued I guess you don’t. Well, then. I am the Angel of Death. As you may have guessed now, I am the bringer of your death. Once you die, little dragons, then this world will fall to fire and storm and darkness, and it shall begin anew- with me leading, of course. I couldn’t help it: I laughed Do you know how cheesy that sounds? I am sorry, but is that really pathetic. Everyone stared at me, and she looked pissed. Darkness gathered around her hand and she shouted a word, and our wind shield shatter. Before I could say oops, she turned to me and pointed, speaking a word. There was a flash and the world went black. 

The End

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