The Rise of Dragons (Failed Nanowrimo, Part 5)Mature

Chapter 1: Winter

If the darkness is still rising, I think then we should just throw in the towel. Except, of course, we have to fight. Why? We are dragons, of course! Protectors of Earth and justice! Hip- Hip- Hooray! Shoot me now. Seriously. This sucks. I don’t think you want to hear my complaints, now do you? So back to the story.

                I pounded my fist on the table. “Cassandra, you can’t seriously be considering trusting her.” I snapped, staring hard at my leader. She sat there, arms crossed stubbornly “I’m not considering trusting her. I am trusting her. Winter, come on, you know as well as I do that we have to help the humans. It must be why we are here! Look at it this way. If we do this, we might be able to go home.” At the word home, I clenched my teeth. I would never be going home. Azul- my mentor- had made that very clear. I turned and stalked away, collapsing on my bed, and let the memory take over

I walked down the hall to Azul’s chamber. What have I done now? I thought. I couldn’t think of anything I had done that she could be mad about. My claws clicked against the stones as I approached the heavy iron door. She stood outside, and heard a soft Enter reverberate within my skull. I touched the door with my muzzle, and it swung open.  I slunk in, head down in a submissive posture. She looked up, dislike flaring in her silver gaze. Her blue scales shimmered as she rose to her feet and spoke to me Ruvaak. I stiffened at the sound of my old- but true- name. It meant I had really messed up. Azul continued As you know, I have been meeting with the others. I didn’t ask who the others were. I knew. The other Queens and Kings. A flash of pride warmed me as I thought about how one day; I would be queen of the water dragons. I raised my head, knowing how wrong I looked for the part though. I was typically blacker than the night sky, while occasionally I was a rich violet- an ok secondary color. I knew, though, that my primary color should be blue- preferably a rich, sapphire blue like Azul was. I focused back in on her lecture to hear You are banished. I froze, and met her eyes, shock the only thing I knew. Then anger rose as I realized she wasn’t joking. The small pool of water in the corner became to tremble in response to my mounting fury. I managed one quiet word Why. She simply smiled You aren’t good enough. Let’s consider your past. How many have you brought grief to? Why should we reward you for that? That broke my control. I was good enough. I was just as powerful as her, and she knew it. However, all she saw was my black scales, misguided past, and ‘flawed’ personality. I let loose one terrible snarl and sprang, fangs sinking into her neck and my claws raked her throat. She was ancient and powerful at 1000 years old: I was simply 16. But I was small and was cliningg to a place she could reach. She roared and shook herself, flinging me off. I easily caught my balance, wings spreading as I skidded to a halt. Roared, I lunged, but she was ready this time, and knocked me over with one paw, and pinned me down. She said You will never return here after that stunt. No matter what happens on Earth, you will never be welcomed here. With that, I felt power shake the air and I was falling, falling, falling…..

I rolled onto my side, fury once again blurring my vision. I got up, and walked to the room where Cassandra was still discussing plans with Lily. I tapped her on the shoulder, and when she turned, I punched her. Hard. In the face. She grabbed her nose as it started bleeding. I pointed at Lily “Get out if you know what’s good for you.” She immediately left, obviously knowing arguing with me would prove fruitless and dangerous- for her.  Cassandra stared at me “What is that for?!” “Take a wild guess” I snarled. I bared my teeth, many of which were sharpening into fangs. I stared at her, and in my reflection I could see that my eyes glowed gold. The other dragons watched, tense. After several moments, I took a deep breath, and my felt my teeth go back to their normal human shape and my eyes turn back to violet. The room was silent before I spoke quietly, my voice colder than ice “Don’t even talk about going home to me. Rose eventually broke the tension “Well, since we are already stuck in this, can we go back to planning” “Yes” Cassandra said eagerly. She took a deep breath and said “Lily and her friends have pinpointed the source of the darkness that has been freeing the creatures from hell. It is here.” She pointed to a spot on the map which lay on the table. When I looked closer, bit my lip and said “Oh.” The small, printed letters stared at me. It was New York City. I looked at the others. They all looked grim and a little nervous. “This complicates things” I muttered, tilting my chair back. Cassandra shrugged “Let’s get there. I’ll fill you in on the plan as we go”

The End

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