The Rise of Dragons (Failed Nanowrimo, Part 3)Mature

When Zelda took off, Winter wondered what that was all about. Why had that howl scared her so much? While the others decided to scattered,  vanishing into the woods, Winter stayed here. She exited the house to stand in an open space before shifting to her natural form. She became a black dragon, dark and every inch of the perfect, deadly predator she was. She waited for her enemy. And then, it was there. A huge, terrifying creature that could only be called one name: hellhound. It was blacker than she was, if that were possible. Then eyes were like lanterns, glowing molten gold. A long, whiplike tail tipped in flame lashed back and forth as flaming spines crackled along the spine. Bloody saliva hung from its jaws: the doglike creature snarled, the ears flicking back and forth. It was the size of a house, nearly as big as Winter. It seemed like a miracle it hadn’t knocked down any trees, but Winter knew these creatures. They could only destroy the flesh of animals. They could walk through a tree and not damage it. But if they hit a dragon, or any other animal, it was like being hit by a freight train. That also meant that it could only be harmed or destroyed by animal flesh. So bullets and bombs were useless: A human would have to kill it with their bare hands. That wouldn’t work to well. Luckily for Winter, she wasn’t as limited humans- she was a dragon, after all. It saw the waiting dragon, and if it were possible, the eyes lit up even more. It sprang, and she leaped to meet it. They crashed to the ground, scratching, biting, snarling, searching for any weakness.  While her scales protected her better than its fur did, she couldn’t seem to kill it. When they finally broke apart, both were bloody and panting. With a screech, she threw herself at the creature again, and once more it became a deadly dance between hellhound and dragon: a ballet of power and death. Winter took to the air several minutes later, seeking to gain an advantage, but the hellhound leaped, claws sinking into her underbelly. They crashed into the ground, the hellhound lunging for her throat.

                Seeing Lucy’s terror and Zelda take off was enough to scare Rose into running. She took off into the woods, Lucy not far behind her. She eventually found a clearing, where she slowed, looking behind her. Lucy skidded to a halt next to her. As the next howl sounded, Rose decided to change. She fell forward and became a white dragon, the size of a school bus. Her cell phone fell out of her pocket and hit the ground. Lucy stood there, trembling, obviously not going to change. Rose waited, so when the hellhound emerged, she didn’t hesitate, throwing herself its back, clinging to its side to avoid the hitting the ground. She sank her teeth into its throat, but it didn’t help much. The hellhound tried to shake her off, but when that didn’t work, it rolled, squashing the dragon beneath its weight. There was a snap that sounded exactly like a gunshot. Dimly in the back ground she heard Lucy screaming “Rose!” So maybe she does care… Rose thought, struggling to stand as the hellhound turned toward its prey one more, seeing the perfect opportunity for a kill. But then it screamed, and staggered, as a violet appeared, fangs sunk deep into one eye. It reared up, exposing  a single vulnerable spot at the base of its throat. Summoning all the strength left it her, she leaped, sinking her fangs into the vulnerable spot and tearing, killing the hound. She fell to the ground, and heard no more.

                Caroline heard both battles from her hiding spot high in a tree. Dread coursed through her. Not good. She shifted to her natural form, a red dragon the size of a house. She knocked down trees as she ran toward Rose’s battle, but when she got there, Lucy looked up and said “Help Winter. I have things in control here.” Caroline wondered how Lucy knew about Winter, but she didn’t say anything, just headed back to the house. When she got there, what she saw chilled her to the bones. Winter was bleeding heavily as she faced two hellhounds. Caroline sprang over Winter’s head, crashing into the less injured hellhound, while bathing the other’s face in fire to blind in temporarily. She didn’t hesitate in ripping and clawing at the hound’s face, taking stomach wounds as she dragged it to the ground and tore out its eyes. It snarled loudly, and Caroline spared a glance over her shoulder at Winter, checking on how Winter was doing. She was barely fending it off, clinging to the underside of its throat. It gave a choked howl before finally collapsing, dead. Winter staggered away, crashing into the house, pretty much demolishing it. That was all the time Caroline before she felt claws rake her side. She roared, flames billowing from her mouth, igniting the grass. She slashed the hellhound across the face, driving it back. She sprang into the air, only to twist and land on its back. She sank her fangs into its neck, killing it. She leaped off, roaring loudly, a challenge to all who heard. Flames licked at her scales, giving her power. She shook herself, blood drops scattering as she raised her head, listening. She heard a roar remarkable like Cassandra’s, and realized that she needed help. She took off, flying toward the source. When she got there, she saw Cassandra wrestling with a large hellhound, screeching as it sank its fangs into her tail. One of Cassandra’s wings was at an odd angle, like it was broken. Blood spilled from her wounds. Caroline dived, roaring. The hellhound looked up, giving Cassandra a chance to get her fangs into its throat. She jerked her head, slaying the creature. But just as she did, the hellhound grabbed Caroline’s wing and tore the thin membrane. The red dragon crashed into the ground, slowly sitting up, and pain from her wing suddenly the foremost thought on her mind. They looked at each other, unsure of what to say, when they heard sirens. They stared at each other in horror, and took off, crashing through the woods to their home.

The End

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