The Rise of Dragons (Failed Nanowrimo, Part 2)Mature

The next day, at the Woods house, Zelda sat in her room, half asleep as she pictured the deer she had eaten last night. That had been amazing. She looked at a mirror, wondering what others thought of her. She saw a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair. The eyes were silver, but cold and mysterious. She stood up, sighing. She was supposed to be a queen. The Air Dragon Queen. All of that had been taken from her, because the older queen was so greedy. The Kings and Queens had kicked out their successors, all because they wanted to stay in power. A brief wave of fury flooded Zelda, but she took a deep breath and relaxed slowly. She got up and walked over to her dresser, opening a hidden drawer. She pulled out something she hadn’t anyone: the crown of the Air Dragon Queen. She had taken what was rightfully hers: and she didn’t dare trust the others. They would probably make her return it. Like she would do that. She replaced the crown and shut the drawer, before standing up and stretching. She wished she could turn into her natural form- but no, she can’t “People might see” as Cassandra said. Yeah, right. They lived 15 miles outside of town. The nearest neighbor was 10 miles away. So, obviously, it wouldn’t be that dangerous to go dragon. Zelda sighed and laid down, falling asleep.

Winter sat cross-legged in the middle of the living room. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. A glass bowl full of water sat before her. She closed her eyes, and gently released a bit of power. The water began to tremble, and images began to run on the surface. They showed a young black dragon fighting, killing, stealing for a massive brown dragon. It became clear quickly that the brown dragon was evil, and the black dragon obviously knew it, but still served him, no matter how evil the dragon was. It showed the brown dragon being murdered, and the black dragon was blamed, even though she hadn’t killed her leader. She was punished severely, almost killed. But then one day, a blue dragon came out of nowhere, proclaiming the black dragon her heir. Then the images came faster and faster, with the black dragon being trained, growing older and larger, and then it showed an explosion, and 7 dragons being thrown from the land of the dragons to the human world. The black dragon landed in an isolated river, where she slowly took human form, and it became clear the dragon was actually Winter. Then the images stopped, and Winter opened her eyes. She sighed and stretched. She stood up, putting  her black hair in a ponytail. She splashed her face with water from the bowl, sighing. She remembered all of this very well. The brown dragon had probably been one of the only dragons in the world to have served dark powers willingly. And she had served him willingly. Then someone killed him, and she had been framed. They were torturing to death, and then the Water Dragon Queen had come forth and said she was to be the next queen of the water dragons. And now this. Banished to Earth. Anger flared deep within her, and the water trembled, and a mini whirlpool formed, propelled by her power. She struck the bowl, smashing it. Blood streamed from the cuts, and her breath came fast and shallow. She struggled to control her temper before she blew up pipes again. Then her phone beeped. She looked at the time. It was 8 p.m. Time to go to work. She sighed and went to her room and changed. Work at a bar was not easy. At first, 3 years ago, she had worked as an assassin, bounty hunter, and even spy, but then Cassandra told her that she was bringing to much attention to their family and she needed a better job. So she got the only job she could: a dancer and waitress at a nearby bar. She pulled on a black tank and some jeans, exposing the intricate flower tattoo on her back and upper arms. She went to her car and got in, driving to work. When she got there, she clocked in and changed into her dancer outfit. Taking a deep breath, she headed out to work.

                The unearthly howl split the air. Zelda looked over her shoulder, breathing heavily. She took off running again, fear fueling her feet. She came to a cliff. Realizing she couldn’t survive, she took the risk of being seen by a human as she leaped off the cliff and shape shifted. To her surprise, instead of melting into her usual silver form, she went to her second form, a massive brown dragon with green markings. She spread her wings, catching herself before she struck the ground. She tilted her wings so she headed up, when a massive black shape slammed into her throat, sharp fangs sinking into her throat, tearing it, killing her. Zelda jerked awake with a start, sweaty and panting. She slowly got up, trembling. Dreams always had a meaning, her mentor had said. She had been haunted by these dreams for awhile now, but she had chosen not to tell the others. She didn’t trust them enough. She hadn’t met them before they were catapulted here to earth, and experience had taught her not to trust others.  Taking a deep breath, she reached deep for her power. In response, she felt the wind swirl around her, rattling the posters. Dove poked her head in. The Energy dragon asked “You okay?” Zelda nodded “Why?” “I heard you talking in your sleep.” Zelda flinched “It’s nothing.” Dove looked at her doubtfully, but did not press the issue. She shrugged and walked away. She left the Air dragon heir sitting there, tears welling in the corners of those cold, icy eyes from the knowledge of her fate.

                10 days later, Zelda lay on her bed. School was over, and all she could think about was the dreams which had been haunting her, causing her to lose sleep. She wasn’t sure the last time she had had a good night’s sleep. She rolled over, trying to get rid of the feeling of fangs in her throat. Just then, she heard yelling coming from downstairs. She rolled out of bed and went downstairs. When she did, she saw Rose yelling at Cassandra, tears welling in the corner of her eyes “What do you mean, we’re moving! I have a life here! A band! A team! A boyfriend, for crying out loud! But of course you don’t understand. You don’t understand anything!”  Zelda watched, thinking about all she had lost. First, her family died mysteriously in a fire. Then she had lost Briar… she bit her lip, cutting off that thought right there. She watched as the Ice Dragon heir kept yelling at Cassandra. Cassandra… don’t get her started on that girl. She was supposed to be the leader of the group… but this group of heirs was messed up. The water dragon- Winter- was supposed to be calm and the peacemaker of the group. Yeah, right. Winter was unreasonably violent, temperamental, and anything but a peacemaker. The fire dragon- Caroline- was supposed to be powerful and deadly, but in control of herself at all times. Caroline couldn’t have a conversation without blowing her top and biting someone’s head off.  The energy dragon- Dove- was supposed to be energetic and tireless, constant and unwavering. Dove was tireless alright, but she wasn’t reliable or constant. She was so stinking naïve and manipulative. The ice dragon- Rose- was supposed to be calm and methodical emotionally removed from everything. Rose was definitely not. She was passionate about and everything, bound to get herself one day because she wasn’t thinking. The earth dragon- Lucy- was supposed to be calm and there, the rock and foundation of the group. Lucy ignored them and was anything but a foundation. The air dragon- Zelda- was supposed to be open and sharing, a friend. She was forced to admit she didn’t do that. She was frigid and untrusting. And the Cassandra- The ultimate dragon, the one with all the powers- was supposed to lead them, gain their trust and be loved, the one keeps everyone going. Cassandra was a rude, stuck up, judgmental excuse of a dragon. She was not a leader, and there was no way she could hold this group together. Zelda could see the end here. Rose was already growing more and more agitated, and there was a noticeable drop in temperature as ice began to crackle into existence on the walls. The rest of the dragons- except Lucy, of course- were watching, waiting to see the turnout. Just as Rose was about to lunge at Cassandra, a scream came from the woods and Lucy burst through the door, gasping for breath “ Run!” she screamed. Before anyone could ask why, a howl ripped through the air, chilling Zelda to the bones. Terror coursed through her, and she turned and ran to the kitchen, and leapt out the window, ignoring the pain from the cuts. All she knew was that she had to get out of here, no matter what it took. She kept running till she could run anymore. She was panting when another howl split the air, and she took off again. She came to a cliff, exactly like in her dream. She stared, horror all she could process. She realized she had to jump. It was her only hope of surviving. Maybe, just maybe, she could change her fate, but she had to jump if she wanted any hope. Dragons excel at aerial combat. So she took a deep breath, and jumped.

The End

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