Starts That May or May Not Be FinishedMature

Stories I have started. Most I will probably never finish.... If you see one that you want to see finished, let me now by commenting on it.


In a lab room, deep down in the ground, scientists worked diligently on their small human eggs. Splicing genes here and there, making the humans who’d come from the eggs stronger, smarter, and faster. Overall, far better than usual. They used animal genes to improve these humans. They were the 3rd batch: there should be no problems. Out of the blue, a siren wailed, machines sparked. The scientists lost control, and more and more change was done to the tiny eggs. Someone managed to stop it, but it was too late. Everyone exchanged uneasy glances, wondering what would become of those tiny lives.

Chapter One

Wolf stared out of the cell, eyes dark with anger. Her reflection stared back at her from a mirror across the way. She was a freak, a mistake. She was once human, but her genes were so warped you wouldn’t know it. She had a wolfish body, with long forelegs and shorter hindlegs. She walked like a gorilla, or even a hyena. Her shaggy dark brown fur covered her lean body. Her claws were long and could move independently, like fingers. Her eyes were dark brown. Her fangs were long and sharp. Her tail lashed and she turned away, looking at her fellow freaks. There was Buttercup, the tiny butterfly hybrid.

The End

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