Kiss (ETHAN POV)Mature


I hadn’t seen Arabella in almost four years. For some reason it was killing me. Eating me up. But, when I left she told me never to come back. To go be a snotty little rich kid and leave her and all of our friends behind. To forget about them because when I leave, I’ll be just a memory.

Not a person.

So when I found the website, and saw what Ara had turned into, I was shocked. She was so hot, but so much like a sister it was weird. The pictures ranged from her in a cheerleading mount, to showing off her spilt and just her messing around. There where captions that made me laugh, likeLook at me, you can see my panties!on her cheer pictures.

So when I messaged Emma asking to help her get together with Arabella I never thought she would agree. From what I know, she hated me. So when she called me and told me to meet her New Years Eve and she’d tell me what to do, I was so happy.

Now sitting forty yards away from Ara, watching her talking to Peter, my heart told me to talk to her.

The count down began, which was my cue to start to walk. Emma looked over her shoulder, with Peter smiling at me.


















Standing behind her, I braced myself. This was it..



“1!” Ara looked up, smiling. Then I kissed her.

The End

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