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Sitting on the bed with my laptop balanced on my knees, I looked though the website I was told to look at.

“Since when am I a model?” I asked Ash, looking at pictures of me, with captions like ‘Arabella Grace-model. Will do nude work’. “And, I will not being nude work.”

Ella giggled, looking at the pictures. Peter, who was laying next to me, put his hand over his mouth, fighting back giggles. Emma, who had decide that my normal play list sucked, had turned on a Glee play list and was dancing to there cover of Smile, stopped and looked Ash.

“I told you not put that! She is going to kill you!” Emma shouted, frowning.

“I didn’t think she knew we had a website!” Ash yelled back. Ella took my hand on the controller, and flipped to the next page.

The picture was from we, Peter, Emma, Marie, Leo and myself, where around ten. We where standing in poses. All with big, cheesy looks on our faces. But there was someone with us. Someone who had left us two years later.

Ethan Wood.

“What the hell is Ethan doing in the picture?” I asked, looking at Peter. Ethan and I hated each other. Ever since he told us his Mom was getting remarried and he was moving to Miami, and he was now even richer than before, he was a jerk. I was the only one to stand up him and tell him off. Ever since then, I hated him.

“I like it. You look really sexy in your pink shorts.” Ella said, smiling at me.

“Peter, answer me.” Peter sighed.

“Well, umm, I posted it because it had all of us in it?” Peter said quietly. I slapped his back as hard as could, making him gasp.

“What was that for?” Peter asked.

“For posting that picture.” I said with a sweet smile. “What if Ethan finds this site…he might think we are still best friends!”

Emma joined the rest of on the bed, and sat beside Ella. She sighed and patted my hand.

“Sweetie, he found the site are ready. He messaged us.” Emma said kindly.

“What did he say?” I asked. Emma smiled and took my laptop. She quickly logged in as the sites owner and showed me a message.

Dear Emma, Marie, Peter, Leo and (yes even you) Ara,

I found this site while I was goggling you guys. Wow, you guys all look diffent. Ladies, you guys are beautiful, boys you guys umm..look ok. Sorry didn’t know what to say.

Ara, you’re a nude model? Didn’t see that coming. Your have send me your prints. HAHA! You know I love you guys! I miss you so much.

Well, I’m going to be back up there for New Years. Maybe we can get together? I think so.



“He thinks I’m a nude model? You guys suck.” I said, reading the message again. “Did you guys get together?”

“No. We are tomorrow. And your coming.” Emma said. Ash, Peter, Emma and Ella shared a smile.

“What’s the secret?” I asked.

“Nothing. Come on, It’s almost two, we should go so we get a place to stand. And get enough coffee for all night.” Peter said.

Ella smiled and took my hand in hers. She motioned for to lean down.

“Ethan is really hot now.” She said with a sly smile.


“Starbucks coffee is to damn expensive.” I said, pouring a third cup into my heating cup. I had bough five cups of the stuff to stay up. And to keep warm.

Sitting on the ground next me, Ella was texting. I looked down to try to see the message, acting like her big sister. Before I could see who she was texting, she pulled her phone away.

“Mind you own business.” She said with a frown.

The End

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