Matching ColorsMature

“Arabella!” Peter, my best friend screamed running into my loft.

“Peter!” I said, setting down my flat iron.

“Guess what girly?” He said with sly smile. I rolled my eyes and counted to stringed my blonde hair, trying to tame it’s curls.

“Well, first, I brought you this to where to my house after the ball drops.” I looked up. He brought me cloths, that jerk. I hate clothes.

He tossed me a pair of jeans a red and blue stripped sweater. I looked up from the clothes in hand and frowned. He smiled.

“Go put it on.” He motioned to my bathroom and sat down on my hot pink and purple bean bag.

“Do you think Leo thinks we are dating? Cause your always over here being me stuff.” I said with a laugh. He rolled his eyes and picked up my laptop.


“Appovelrel?” I asked five minutes later, after bruising my teeth. Peter looked up and smiled.

“That does wonder for your bod. Only, your music sucks.” He said, going thourgh my play lists. “Really? Rod Stewart? And then you have Katy Perry, you make me sick.”

I gave him a slight smile and took my laptop from him. Peter ran his hands though his black hair and pulled the back of the sweater he got me.

“Didn’t you notice we all match?” He said.

“And how am I suppose to do that? It’s not like I can watch them in my mind..and if I could, I WOULD NOT because I would not want to watch Leo get changed. No offense or anything.”

At the moment, my little sister, Ella, walked in the room. She was a very pretty thing, taking the looks of the family. Golden hair, blue eyes and tiny. Not that I was tiny, but she was.

“Hey Ell.” Peter said, folding his arm across his chest.

“Hi Peter.” Ella was fourteen and somehow apart of my group of friends. She sat down on my bed and played with her hair. She also had on red and blue. How didn’t I know this idea?

“Peter, good job. Ara looks decent for once.” Peter laughed at my expense then shut his month.

“Thank you. Now, deer, where did you get that shirt?” She smiled.

“Hollister.” I frowned. I hated that store. Over priced. I could go and buy a shirt like that at plates closet for less then a piece of tape you would buy there.

“How much did you spend?” I asked, taking her braid and brushing it out.

“Sixty dollars.” I gasp.

“Good deal.” Peter said with a smile.

“NOT!” I said, running my flat iron over a piece of her light blonde hair. “Why would you spend so much, Ella Frances?” I asked.

“Mom let me.” I sighed. Mom loved to buy clothes that could feed a family of four for a week.

“Ara, you should let her spend the money she gets for clothes how she wants to.” Said a voice coming from know where.

“Hi Emma.” Ara said. “Ouch, you burnt my ear.” Ella complained.

“That wouldn’t happened if you didn’t keep talking. Your done.” I un-plugged my flat iron and took back into the bathroom.

“So, Emma, how did you find out about the color scheme?” I said noticing the navy blue shirt with a red scarf and head bend.

“The website.” She answered, taking my Ipod from Peter, who listening to Katy Perry and switched it to Bulletproof.

“We have a website?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Ella answered, walking into my huge closet.

“Since when?” I asked.

“Since I made one.” Ashton, my older brother answered. He came into the room shirtless. That’s Ashton for ya. Shirtless.

“He didn’t followed the color scheme!” I yelled at Peter.

“Yes he did. I picked the shirt myself.” I sighed and sat down next to Emma.

“Only Peter could pull this off.” I mumbled.

The End

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