Start Of Something NewMature

Standing in the millions of people on New Years Eve in time Square was a tradition for me and my best friends. We have been doing this since we where seven, standing with our parents and holding hands. By the time we where twelve, we where off by ourselves watching the ball drop, placing bets about who was going to get pregnant in the High School.

Now that we where all sixteen, mince Janet, who was going to be sixteen in February, we had plans. We where all going to stay in on place and watch the ball drop. And kiss our date. That would work out perfectly, but I didn’t have one.

Any way, we all agreed to come any way. I was just going to jump up and down and act drunk like ten thousand other single people here tonight.

I stood on the outside of the circle of my friends. 11:58 the huge clock read. I felt my hand tense up as I grabbed my best friend Peters hand. He looked over and shot me a big brother look and joined hands with Leo, his boyfriend.

The ball began to drop. I tighted my squeeze on his hand, when a boy papered next to me. I didn’t pay him any mind, but now I wished I would have.


















“3!” Tears began to roll down my face. 2011 was over..


“1!!!” I smiled, but that was before I felt someone kissing me.

The End

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