Ages ago, in immemorial times the skies were exposed and the stars and sun would glisten through the distance between the world of Jermaiz and the rest of the universe. The dwellers of the stars were faithful allies of Jermaiz, they both aspired to live a peaceful life; remaining successful and imperishable. The Star Dwellers presented the Jermaizons with a precious gift; Starshine, a potent star from their realm. But as some could have fore-seen, the noxious ways of the Jermaizons could not be trusted for long. Being primitive and reckless they poisoned the earth and air, destroyed the land and devoured the once bountiful resources.  In fear, the other worlds created a barrier between Jermaiz and the rest of the world to protect themselves from their greedy hands; they were shut off from the rest of the universe. As the Jermaizons wars raged on it was long before they realized how the sky became darker each day, until soon no light radiated from above. So they turned to the power or Starshine but the mages could tell the stars light beginning to fade from over exertion.  They suggested that the stars use be stopped immediately but their opinions were merely swept aside. Knowing how imperative their task was, the 5 mages divided the star into 5 pieces and scattered them across the land. The mages left this world and now all that remains is a legend. A legend of the stars of fate. If anyone could ever find all five stars and reconnect them, the sky would clear again and the world would find its way back.

The End

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