Stars, Swings and Silence

Lovie Sugar Butterfly has found a place where she can be free. Once a year, she returns to the magical place to be alone. But someone is waiting in the darkness, and he wants to bring her home...

I sat alone, in the blissful quiet of a forgotten park, the creepers brushing the bare skin of my legs. I felt the heat of the sun on my back, and the silence pressing in on me, suffocating. The once green grass was yellow from weeks of summer sunshine, yet it still stood tall, and swayed in the breeze that did nothing to cool the humid air.  It still amazed me that such a place could exist. There was no noise. Not a soul wandered through, swayed from it's path by the promise of swings and silence. 


It was later now. The heat was still there, lingering like a blanket over the clearing. The stars shone, yet the sky was still clear and deep blue. I still sat in the same spot, but it was different. There was life. Midges swarmed around a flickering lam-post, that was so out of place, in a children's play in the middle of a forest, it might as well of fallen from the sky, a piece of litter from the heavens. 


I could have happily sat there all night, watching rabbits hop and sniff, gliding around on their spring-loaded feet, but I knew I had to return to the real world. Nothing good, can last forever, and so the circle started again, every year me, waiting for the one night when I knew that there could be magic in this world. 


Footsteps. The unmistakable sound of bare feet on soft ground. I stood stock-still, like a statue, a lost beauty, another piece of litter from the darkening sky above. The mysterious figure stepped into the clearing, into the eyes of the moon, like a performer walking into the spotlight. It was a boy. It had to be. He was like something new. He shone, like the stars that hung above our heads on invisible string. He had blonde hair, like spun gold, dark, tanned skin and eyes so blue, I could have jumped in. He watched me with these hypnotic eyes, like he was a hunter, and I was the lucky prey.

The End

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