Stars of the Universe - A Science Fiction Story - Chapter 1

I was carried again from the torture chambers to the infirmary. They just wouldn’t let me die. First days and nights long torture, then days and nights of healing in the infirmary. This is my 4th trip to the infirmary now. Couldn't they just understand that I would never talk, that I would not betray my people? Was it so hard to understand?

I wish I had died with the ones who died on the assault from us. That it would have ended right then and there. No torture from the outside could torture me more than that. I had failed that day. I couldn't help my units, I couldn't help those who were already captured, I couldn't protect my people, I couldn't do anything anymore about all that and it was torturing me from the inside.

My mission was officially to rescue the captured survivors from them, unofficially to find and if possible to eliminate the enemies new advantage giving weapon or weapons and learn about it as much as possible. But the mission went south, most of my forcees dead, some of us including me captured.

What we didn't anticipate was who the enemy was. We came to this planet to strike against our long time enemies the Acnorada not this people who we even didn't knew existed. They had superior armors and weapons. Most of our shots didn't even wounded them because their armors. The only ones we managed to kill were the ones who hadn't their armors on them.

I don't exactly remember how long ago I did get captured right now but it must be many weeks by now. I was captured by enemy groups before this one, I had always hoped to escape from them or at least be rescued. But right now I had none. I lost my hope from escape my first time I was send to the infirmary. The first time I saw what they had done in such a short time to this planet.

It was like I was looking to another planet that night in the infirmary. It was my 2nd day in there when I saw through the windows in the distance the encampment they had build. It was like looking to a city of many then thousands. I couldn't imagine how many soldiers there were from them or how more many on the other planets we lost.

At that moment I stopped to think that we had lost the planets to our long time enemies. We had a new one, a superior one. One who we couldn't kill because our weapons could not penetrate their armors. One who could keep his prisoners in torture for weeks without killing him? They were just much more technologic than we were.

As they hauled me again in a bed in the infirmary the doctor came our way. As he was leaning over me looking to my wounds he called to the robot he had as a nurse to bring him the stuff they injected us here to heal. I don't know what it was but it was something. They cured us from torture wounds that would normally be fatal. I don't think that I could have survived that long this much torture without that stuff.

While the robot was rolling to the door where they looked their medicine the doctor turned asked the 2 guards who hauled me there if I still didn't talked.

"Not even his name." one of them said to the doctor who turned towards me with his mouth agape.

"I can't belief that he endures this much and still doesn't talk." said the other guard, "All the others have be long broken and he still won't even tell us his name."

"The Master Torturer says if he doesn't talk next time he returns he will just kill him. He says that this one here makes him feel not worthy of his job." said the first one again.

"I know the master torturer for over 30 years now and I never saw one even resisting the first time he works on them. I thought of him like a god. A god of torture. Breaking even the strongest mind and here comes this weakling of excuse of a human and resists him. I think he just lost his touch."

"I wouldn't talk like this if I were you." said the first one again. "Or you might learn firsthand if he lost his touch or not."

Just then came the robot nurse with the injector and gave it to the doc who injected in my arm and turned around to go back to his desk. The two guards followed him there and sat on the chairs that were there to wait and watch the prisoners.

As they started talking again I tried to listen but they were talking not loudly and were someway across the room so I couldn't make out most what they said. So I tried to relax and to sleep. My wounds were burning and my body was in so much pain from the torture I couldn't even pass out. But the stuff the doc gave me started to kick in and I fall in a deep state of sleep.


Many hours later when I awoke I had a bad feeling in my stomach. Normally it meant some bad stuff would happen sometime soon, but how much bad could it get more right now I didn't know so I just tried to sleep some more. But the uneasy feeling didn't give me a brake so I was in a state of light sleep and awareness the rest of the night or day I don't know. I couldn't lift my head and look out of the window right now to check it.

I was in a light sleeping state again I herd some people speaking at my bedside. I didn't want to stop them saying what they where so I pretended to be asleep and listened as a man I didn't know told my guards and the doc that I would be shipped off today to someplace else.

"Will he be transported to another camp on this planet or to another planets camp." asked the doc.

"He will be sent to Iymardana Base Camp with one other prisoner to be questioned and then probably be executed for the crimes he will confess." said the new guy.

"Well I don’t know the other prisoner but I don't think they will get any confession from this guy. They will most probably kill him in frustration while in they are in torture while he doesn't even tell them his name." said one of my guards.

"We already know his name and who he is." said the new guy now to the not believing faces of the other three.

"Why weren't we told who he is." asked the doc.

"We just got the info from one of the other captured ones. He is their CO. His name is Dendrik. He is the one responsible for the attack and our death ones. So even if doesn't talk we know who he is and what his crimes are." said the new guy.

"I can say I am not surprised to hear who he is. Someone so strong resisting torture can't be some normal soldier." said the guard who spoke the first time.

"Whoever he might be or how strong he is doesn't mean anything. He will pay for what he did; you just bring him to landing area 3 in 5 hours to be shipped off. And you make him as stable as you can for shipment doctor." said the new guy as he turned around and left the infirmary.

I didn't thought much about how I would possible die until now. I always knew I would die at an enemies hand and not in bed but not like this. To be killed after a public show for the amusement of others. To pay to a crime that they did too commit to but didn't care. What an irony I thought. But what can I do, I was there prisoner, their subject while captured. They could do what they want. As I was fall asleep again thinking this I wondered who the other prisoner was and what his crimes were?


Later that same night I was awakened by one of the guards who roughly shook me. While I was asleep I was aware that the doc had given me two more injections but I didn't thought that it would help so much. Normally I wouldn't get any other shots but to ship me off planet I think he had too. I was feeling like I was waking up weeks after an accident. I hadn't any pain or such and was feeling really good but my muscles were still a little sore.

"Get up and don't try anything funny like trying to escape. You can walk on your own this time." said one of the guards.

I was slowly trying to get up when the other guard just took my arm and hauled me off the bed and said "We don't have all day. Hurry up or I will make you."

I was on my feet now and it felt good to be standing all alone. Without someone holding you or to be hanging from shackles. I felt I little dizzy but I was contempt with it. At that moment it felt like I got my life back so I didn't cared about it.

My hands were bound by their wrists with some sort of rope I didn’t know. It was bound rather tight but I didn't complain because it wouldn't change anything. So I just waited for the next order rather than asking.

The first guard got in front of me, looked in my eye and said "follow me" turned around and began walking.

I just did what he said and fell into step right behind him. We were walking down a corridor with doors on one side and walls on the other. The doors were all closed so I didn't know what were behind them and I was smart enough not to ask. We turned twice in other corridors at intersections until we could get to the doors we used to get out. It was a far bigger construction than I thought it was.

As I stepped out of the doors from the building I was feeling the clean air and wind the first time in week’s maybe even months. I wasn't sure how long had passed I got captured. It was like I returned from death itself, I felt alive again. I knew it wouldn't last but I didn't care at that moment. I just tried to enjoy it as long as I could and to try to savor it.

As I was following my guard I looked around to see everything I could before everything went back to torture and death then. My mind was totally blown away when I realized what they had made in such short time. They had raised a city right here. They had build hundreds of hundreds of buildings. Big ones, small ones, long ones. They had made roads for the transportation vehicles.

I couldn't imagine what else they could do, how more powerful they could be. It was so overwhelming. To build a settlement this big would take thousands of workers and many months for my people. Most of the work was done by robots from what I could see. That would explain all this but it still unnerved me that they could do this.

The landing area was not far away. They had build walls around it and guards were on the walls and various towers. They didn't even bother with us. They only glanced once in our way, seeing what was going on they turned back and did their job.

A space shuttle was waiting with engines fired up at the landing zone. Two men were waiting at a ramp that lead inside the shuttle.

One of the men whose voice I did recognize as the voice from earlier that night, who had ordered me to be brought, stepped forward and said "you two may leave now and return to your stations. We will take care from here on."

The guard behind me stepped forward, both of them saluted while they said "Sir's."

After that both my guards turned around and left.


The man who still was standing near the ramp turned around and went inside the shuttle. I was still standing perfectly still, not moving or turning anywhere when the one who took me over from my guards said "get in" and turned around walking inside shuttle. I did as he ordered.

The inside of the shuttle was small. Only 2 seats each side, a door to the control station where 2 pilots were and the ramp on the other side. The one who didn't talk was already seated and buckled in. The other one was just sitting down as he turned to me and made a gesture to the other seats opposite them.

I sat down and buckled up as he did. They were staring at me and I back to them as the shuttle took off and the whole time to the ship. The shuttle docked in an inside hangar in the ship and lowered the ramp. The two men opposite me got up and went down.

I was still waiting inside for an order when I heard the one who talked say to someone "take him to the brig and lock him in with the other one. Make sure they don't try anything."

"As you order, sir" I heard saying someone.

Another guard I think stepped inside locked me in the face and said "get up". It was the man who had received the orders from the other one.

I got up and he took me by my arm and we started walking toward the brig. It was a long way so I assumed it was a big ship. All the way down to the brig I had counted over hundreds of doors. We had to ships but not quite this big. It was like on the planet. There were so many men’s around working I didn't even try to count them anyway.

We entered a hallway with guards waiting at the front. So this will be the brig I thought inside. The hallway was quite long and on neither side were doors. As we came nearer to the end I saw my newest imprisonment place or at least its doors.

The guard pushed a code to a keypad right next to the door and the door swished inside the wall. The room inside was quite large for my standards. There weren't any bunks to sleep so I figured the floor must be my newest bed. The guard pushed me inside and came after me.

Inside was someone lying on the floor. He had long hair so I assumed he was not one of my own people. The guard took the rope that bound my hand off and gestured to me to go to the far corner. As I went there he went to the other prisoner and kicked him in the back to wake him up.


I was really shocked when the other prisoner turned around. It wasn't a man, it was a woman and she was clearly an Acnor. As she got up she glanced once my way and turned to the guard.

"Look. Here I got you some company." said the guard while he started to laugh. We both stood there perfectly still until he stopped to laugh.

As the guard turned to me to speak I started first. They were my first words in weeks.

"Do you have any other brig to place me in? I would even accept to get tortured anywhere else then here to be with her."

"I suppose you would like that" said the guard laughing a little "but we aren't a resort and you aren't a customer who can complain. You will stay here with her for 8 days. That is the amount of time we will be in space to our planet. Then you will be questioned and executed like her. Now let me tell you the rules. She already knows them but hearing them again wouldn't hurt."

"First of all you will not try anything at all. You can't escape here. If you try to kill yourself I will make sure you still live but feel the pain trying killing yourself. You will not leave this room at all till us land. You have an en-suite closet where you can do your job. You will get one supper per day and one bottle of water. Don't worry about the bottle it isn't glass." he said and turned to leave.

Just as he was closing the door he started grinning, locked once to me, then to her and said "Normally I would say sexual intercourse is forbidden and will be punished while having both man and woman here but I don't think that will be a problem with you too." and left.

I turned back to face her and sat down with my back to a wall facing her. I definitely wouldn’t turn my back to her. I knew I would die sooner or later now, but I would definitely give her not the satisfaction to strangle me in here. And as I was thinking this I saw on her face the same think where she sat. She wouldn’t turn her back to me either. Even in the hands of a far superior enemy we wouldn’t trust each other.

The End

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