Stars of the Universe - A Science Fiction Story - Prologue

It was a cold night. I remember it all to well. It's was over 12 years ago when they took me. I still remember how my fathers face took a sour expression that I couldn't understand what it meant then. I still remember how my mother almost feinted when my father told her later at home the news. I still remember what I thought. I thought it was a special day. They choose me. I am special. This is so awesome. But as I learned later it wasn't anything awesome at all. I lost my father, I lost my moth

It was silent in the ward except for the breathing sound of 22 elite forces. Dendrik was the only one who wasn't asleep at the moment. He couldn't sleep very well lately. Not since he got the video message from the command center of his home world.

The Acnorada had captured another planet in control of his own people. All of the elite forces and regular soldiers stationed on the planet where either death or captured. This was the forth lost planet in the last 3 months.

The war was well balanced 3 months ago but since then the Acnorada had gained a huge advantage. No one knew, not even the generals at his home world how the Acnorada had gained such an upper hand and it was a big concern among his people. The possibility to be overrun by another human race was not one sitting very well with his people.

Dendrik and his elite force units stationed in a space station had now a new mission. A very hard one and that was the cause Dendrik lost his sleep lately. Since the day he was chosen to be an elite force soldier Dendrik had done very impressive things. That was after all why they did choose him.

He had climbed the ranks of command since then and even got his own squad of EF's. He handpicked all of them and trained them. 4 years had passed since then and they were now the elite of the elite, the best of the best. They did the most dangerous missions of all and they had done it pretty well to this day but this mission will possibly change that.

This mission is either to become heroes of an entire nation or fail and be the last lost chance of a doomed nation. Dendrik couldn't make his mind go clear and sleep so he decided to go the gym and workout a little.

He moved with every bit of stealth he could use as was he trained. He didn't want that the others knew that he couldn't sleep. They didn't needed to be worried about this mission too.

On his way to the gym he was thinking over his life. Everything that did happen since the day he was chosen. It was not a good memory for him. It wasn't like he had thought it was. The first few months after he got chosen while he was in training it, was exhausting but he endured it because he thought he would become someone important and powerful.

So he did but back then he didn't know what it was like. To kill people took a toll on the one who did the deed. And seeing his friends lose their life was even harder than killing. He now knew what it was like to be an EF soldier. Now he understood his father’s sour face while he got the message or why his mother almost feinted.

Both died since then and he even hadn't the chance to go to their funerals. He even hadn't the chance to see their graves for one time. He was an elite forcer; he couldn't leave his squad, his station for worldly matters.

All he got left was to be an elite forcer. Even his best friend and soldier-in-arm buddy Angram died 4 years ago. He was all alone now, not bonding with anyone anymore to prevent the grieve for a loss, all emotionless 100% warrior committed to be what he is.

Angram's death teached him in order to survive this bullshit, he had to lose his human feelings. The moment he saw Angram with 2 bullet wounds in his shoulder, lying in a puddle of his own blood and dirt, unconscious, almost dead didn't left him alone for a long time.

He had carried his friend on his back, to the camp back 20 km behind. But his buddy was already dead long before he got back. Covered all in his buddy's blood from head to toe he had laid Angram at the foot of one medic when he got back.

He still remembered the medics face and the look on the face. The medic looked only once for a second to his buddy, then looked up in his face and said exactly only one word. But that word was more deadly than any mission or war he had fight.


Even while he knew his friend was dead Dendrik wasn't prepared to hear this one single word. He collapsed to the ground and sat there for hours with his friend’s corpse. Hours later when they took Angram's body to be cremated with the other dead Dendrik just got up and went to his tent to lie on his back till the next campaign and to die there.

But it didn't work out as he wished. As savage as he fought, shooting enemies, strangle them when he was near enough, or bomb the hell out of them while he was beyond caring getting killed he didn't got killed after all. What a load of bullshit of destiny. He even took an entire compound full with enemy soldiers out and even got not injured.

He became a hero in that campaign for the other elite forces. They won that campaign and the battles came to an end then for a time. After the dust settled a little from the campaign Dendrik got promoted to lieutenant colonel and got a People's Hero medal to pin on his uniform with the rank.

Since then he just did his job and didn't thought about anything. But this new mission had changed everything. Even as hard as he tried not to care he cared for the lives of his own man’s. Possible corpses in the near future with a mission like this. They were practically his family now with no one else left. 4 years day in day out, from trainings to missions, from sleeping to eating this 21 men and women were all together.

He had lost some of his forces before but this was different. All he thought while he was doing push-ups at that moment was who would possible be dead after this mission. All the faces of his forces came before his eyes at that moment. As he was trying to push the faces away from his mind of who might get killed he herd footsteps coming his way.

He didn't thought that someone else might lose his sleep this late so he considered maybe it was an intruder but before he could get completely up Merda entered the gym room.

"Anything wrong, sir."

" No forcee nothing wrong just couldn't sleep. You know how I get all anxious sitting around doing nothing."

"Sir, you know you don't need to worry about the new mission. We can handle it, after all you trained us, sir."

"Who said I worried about the mission forcee."

"Sir, we know each others habits by now, after all we have spent years together. I can see that you worry about the mission in your face."

"Well to be perfectly honest I do worry about the mission, but my thoughts now were very different." he tried to lie, but he could see how she looked intently at his face to try to decipher it.

He tried to hide all emotions right now not to show weakness in front of one of his EF's. After all emotions were just weaknesses. Merda perhaps satisfied thinking that she achieved what she came for or knowing better than to dwell into the depths off him excused herself and went back for bed.

Dendrik sat down on the ground and tried to relax a little bit with meditation. But instead his mind went right back where it was before Merda came disrupting him.

He couldn't help it, he was becoming his own prisoner to be tortured by his own mind with his worries.

The End

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