‘She is very pretty Ace’

‘dad please don’t say things like that, she might wake up, and as if she’s not going to be freaked out enough by waking up looking over the world in the night sky hearing that certainly will.’

‘That’s the least of her worries right now son, with West after her I simply can’t allow you to return to Earth below in such dangerous circumstances.’

‘North your human is waking up!’

I blinked a couple of times the light was so bright I couldn’t really bring my eyes to focus on anything.

I closed my eyes again and when I opened them Ace was stood looking over me.

Did I die?

Ace just looked at me with confusion, but almost a smirk squeezing out from the side of his mouth.

Well did I? Am I? I died didn’t I?!

‘calm down dear, your not dead your simply Up Above with the stars of the night sky.’

Who are you? Although immediately after asking the question I answered it myself by realising how much Ace and his father looked alike.

‘I’m Ace’s father, and I’m very pleased to meet you, I certainly heard a lot about you’

I couldn’t help but to look at Ace who by this point had a rather red complexion, and after a few seconds turned to his father and gave him the ‘shut up’ stare.

‘I’m going, I’m going.

I shall leave to two love birds to talk amongst yourself a few minutes and then I will be back there is something very important we need to discuss with you Bex!’

I had managed to sit up, still trying to get my eyes to focus on something.

‘Here put these back on , I told you that you would need them!’

Ace handed me back the almost blacked out sunglasses.

As I put them on I was able to open my eyes and I had then realised that I had never witnessed anything so beautiful in my entire 17 years of living!

‘nice isn’t it!’

Its more than nice, it just so…so…bright and . . . .beautiful!

Its like the best thing that I have ever seen!

‘Ok Bex I need you to sit back down for me just for a few minutes, your going to get a few flashbacks soon and if your not sat down it will knock you to the floor!’

I quickly walked back to seat I had only just left, still warm from me laying there and then it happened just as he said it would, the flashbacks came all right, I must of looked like someone having a fit, it was awful, what I had seen and felt.

In my flashback I had been stood in the woods below me, facing a Man who called himself West who had said little words to me apart from…….

‘I found you! And when I can I will get you and use you!’

And within seconds a flashback of everything that had happened in the past few days, I witnessed West stalking me in the woods, on my first day, second day in fact every time I had been to the woods, the fall that had awkwardly placed me under Ace’s crotch when I first met him . . .it was West - I have just seen him kneel down and trip me up!

And then I witnessed something that filled me with hatred for the perpetrator West, I had just seen everything in fine Detail of him murdering my Cat - Mew!

I stared at him to which he just stared right back at me expressionless his evil face staring at me, it filled me with anger and for what I had just witnessed he will pay as I was set on getting revenge upon West!

West Ran at me in my flashback apart from this wasn’t the flashback, it was like he could see me when I was having my flashback, he was there in the present like I was and watching it all with me!

As West grabbed me by my arm and threw me up against a tree, I started having another flashback in the middle of my very own flashback, but this wasn’t my flashback that I witnessed it was of West’s life before becoming a star, when he was a star and also his demise!

I had to be quick this man wasn’t small and I reckon if he hit me hard enough across the head it would defiantly knock me for six!

I thought to my self its now or never and I shouted DON’T THINK YOUR DAUGHTER WOULD LIKE WHAT YOU DID TO MY CAT!’

He looked at me in utter shock, I knew I had hit a soft spot, in the flashbacks you feel as well as see and when I had seen his daughter and how West was with her I knew it would at least give me a few seconds for Ace to wake me and pull me back from this awful flashback that was more like a nightmare.

West starting breathing really heavy , his heart rate must have been though the roof - who cares, not me I wouldn’t care if he dropped down dead right now.


AHHHHHH, I sat up, at this point Ace’s father was back in the room and sat right beside me.

‘You saw him then, you couldn’t stop saying the name West and something about seeking revenge on him at some point.’

He’s a real... i closed my eyes and took a breath to stop me frow calling him something really bad.

 He is the one that took Mew away from me!

‘ Bex your lip is bleeding;’

Yes yours would be too Ace if west had hit you he isn’t small you know!

I saw the look on Ace’s fathers face, I’d had enough of this everyone is always looking at me funny, not telling me anything and the things they were telling me wasn’t helping me out in any way at all.

Before anyone could ask any questions I think I answered them all for them.


I think some one should! . . Let me help you all out, I have just had a major flashback possibly the weirdest thing you will see in you life and let me tell you what I have witnesses……

They didn’t look too bothered until I got to the part where I told them West was with me watching my flashback which all the other people in the room were shocked about and if that didn’t shock you all I continued When I touched him I had a flashback of his WHOLE LIFE!!!

‘Stay Seated my dear, its time to tell the story of West!’

Ace came and sat beside me, grabbing my hand and holding it tight, it was New was I felt reassured.

The End

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