Broach? what so special about the old lady's broach which now appaerently belonged to me?!

That puzzled me a little, why would he need a stupid broach to protect him surely the fake diamond broach, which by the way looked like a load of misty fake diamonds that was about 1000 years old just glued together . . . . maybe it was a star, im definatly going to quiz Ace about this tonight.

For now i think im going to have to stay very focused on school, when Ace had said it was going to buzzing with gossip he was well and truely right!


I remember just looking at Ace for a cry for help, the one thing i didnt want to happen to me was to be noticed by a. Cheerleaders and b. Football players.and right at this moment in time i had both groups full attention!

They were the other side of the school grounds at this point giving ace a little time to at least breif me on names and personalities.

'Janey she is the head cheerleader and yes it is as you see in the movies that job obviously comes with being a unbelievably nasty because she is one and a very good one at that.'

'and then theres Tommy, please dont try to dreul as everyother female does!' He Is the captain in the football team, and voted term after term the hottest guy in school and boy does he know it! And just like Janey as far as the movies go thats normal , everyone wants to sleep with him and he probably like any other 17 year male with that much attention he is bound to take advantage of it,  but we all know how it goes he gets with Janey and then everybody in the school is put under some sort of spell to vote for them so they are made homecoming king and queen! Although Janey will have to fight her way to Tommy as the girls pretty much faint or break out in a hot sweat as soon as he speaks to any female and i mean any female yes that means teachers as well!

 GOD,THAT WAS SO PREDICTABLE! But imperssive Ace, thanks for that! although i think i could hear a little jealousy in that you know?!

'Me jealous.......... NO WAY!!'

Just then something amazing happend, one of the football players had come running into the school grounds tripped and somehow managed to toss the ball, and yes much to everyone's amusment but mostly mine the ball hit her right on the head, wow this was early entertainment!


And yes just like the movies the flock of sheep followed their little bo peep! And i was relieved,i turned to look at Ace and gave him a smerk and not suprisingly he threw one right back at me.

The rest of the day was pretty normal i made myself pretty invisible and had actually to my suprise had a pretty good day at school.

The schoolbell rang, 'thank godness for that! were free. ive got to take my mom into town so you dont mind if i just drop you off and go do you?'

Of course i didnt mind, it wasnt like he was my boyfriend although i did want to quiz him about the whole being a star thing,

No thats fine, thank you for showing me round school today

'No probs Bex, what are friends for? We can meet later though if you want to, im sure you have lots of questions for me?!'

Ok, see you later!

As he said he would he dropped me off just outside my house, and drove off.

The End

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