Wow! lifting my head hurt, more than likley the wine that i had taken off of the table last night and polished off before i fell asleep as there was none left in the morning not the brightest idea on a school night with a head that is probably internally bruised and externally black and blue.

I just had to get to the mirror as i was sure my face was going to be a mess and definaty a black eye, instead nothing not even a spot in sight not even slight bruising, admitadly releif was the reaction i had to the reflection in the mirror  as now i wouldnt stick out like a sore thumb in school today, didnt really understand how there was nothing apart from the clear split in my eyebrow which was just a little red of course to be expected and also nothing a little make up couldn't fix.

Also when pulling on my Jeans i noticed my leg that had me in agoney yesterday didnt even tingle with pain.. . . strange but if its a very good thing like this definatly was i wasn't going to complain.



ouch! ok shouting is out for a few days, good job i spend a lot of my time on my own.


Damn he's early, i ran to the kitchen and there he was stood there with a fresh face smiling at me,' morning Bex' god . . . how does he look so fresh this early in the morning i feel like im still half asleep.

Morning Ace!

'Do you mind if she has a quick bite to eat Ace she hasnt eaten anything yet?'

'Of course not go ahead Bex, eat your waffles up you may need it today to keep up with all the energy that everyone will be buzzing with as the head cheerleder held a party Saturday night, so everyone who was invited and the ones that either snuck in succesfully or almost made it will be hyped with gossip from the events of the party' 

Great! I should have started school on Friday before the stupid party, thank god i know at least someone and they didnt go or i presume wasnt invited either.

'You have healed well, a fast healer my dad used to be just like you'

A fast healer eh? Its never happend before, whenever i have hurt myself previosly i usually stay looking a little batterd for a few weeks, 'anyway where was you dad last night?'

'Are you ready to go otherwise we will be late Bex?!'

'ummm yeh ok im ready' . . . . god what did i say i hope his dad isnt dead or something i think that would possibly make me want to fall into a black hole and never surface again!

At least his car took my mind off of things for a few minutes, it was a black S.U.V and a very smart one at that, i climbed in and gave a very warey look at Ace, have i offended you Ace??

'No Im sorry it just . . .um my dad isnt here anymore he died last year in a car accident, he died, I was knocked for six and died for 4 minutes before they could bring me back and mom got away with just a few stitches to her head and a couple of broken ribs'

OH MY GOD . . .black hole please swallow me up right now!

I apologised to Ace which he gave me a half hearted smile back . . . . .  i often wondered what it would be like to die and be brought back to this world again, your hear stories where people have special abilities after something like that happens

So did anything special happen to you when you were brought back Ace?

'You really want to know?'

I felt a little guilty quizing him on clearly a painful subject but he didnt seem to mind really talking about the part where he died for a few minutes so as i wanted to know i replied 'yes, and i promise i will not judge you'

'well ummm . . . . i became a star!'

A STAR! What, somehow the slight smerk slipping out of my mouth didnt impress him in the slightess.

'See i knew you would react like this!'

Looking at his face i knew he felt a little hurt by me thinking he was just messing about, but then what he is claiming happend on the day his dad died Isomehow couldnt see him joking around about that.

So i asked some more questions like what sort of star, rock and roll, pop, classical or something like a musician?

'No no no you have got it all wrong if you really want to know Bex, i mean a star from the sky at night, you know the ones that sparkle in the night sky . . the things you see when you press that special button that opens the roof curtains in your room.'

ok , prove it!

'Well i cant right now its the middle of the day, you havn't got that brach on you to protect me and you have already seen something that effects me in this world'

and what was that???

'When i was picking the leaves out of your hair last night in the bathroom, i saw you face looking a little concerned as you couldnt see my reflection in the mirror but you knew i was right behind you'

Wow i remember that, but i also remember thinking that was probably the rock that hit me on the head that just made me think that, why dont you have a reflection then? i thought that was only vampires.

'well us stars are rather bright, if we shone in the mirror it would definatly blind anyone else in the room with us. Hey look, were here,  now do not say anything to anyone about this i mean it Bex this is to stay strictly coverd up, it is only uncoverd to you - your the one with the broach!'


The End

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