The start of something new

'I will count to 20 then while you hide ok Bex?' ok Ace there is no shame in you giving up when you can't find me just shout that you give up and i will come out, 'ok Bex im sure i will find you though how hard can it be, im sure your granny broach will help you!’ he was pointing to my charm that the crazy old lady had given me, that i said oh the crazy ass old lady that owns the house game it to me, i think she is defiantly if not already lost her mind! he smirked and sure enough turned around and started counting 1...2....3.....

I knew where i was going to hide i had found a room earlier on today where i had put all the things we had moved in still packed in box's so that was the perfect place to hide, i hobbled in the room shutting the door quietly positioning myself on a box labelled coats.

I waited for a while in the dark as this room didnt seem to have any window in it for some reason, i could hear Ace walking up the hall way towards the room saying ' come out, come out wherever you are' i laughed to myself quietly although only short lived as by this point my head was beginning to throb but my leg was comfortable in the position i had chosen, i started getting the feeling that someone was watching me again but ignored it as no one was in the room apart from me and a few spiders and it didnt have windows for anyone to peep through, i heard Ace go into the room next door which was a bathroom and use it, typical boy!

The hairs stood up on he back of my neck as a voice whispered in my ear 'FOUND YOU' i think i moved even faster than before and to my amazement it was Ace!

How the hell did you find me?!?! ' well you know that crazy old granny that was talking crap to you when you moved in that’s my granny!'

How did you get in here, i didnt hear you the only thing i heard was you using the bathroom next door, 'ah ha! well as this is my Granny's house i know it very well and if you look behind you there is another door way, i think this used to be a guest room or something with a joining bathroom, not sure why granny put a door on to section it off, come on lets get to your room i bet i know which one you have chosen if we have gone this way'.

'ahh you have chosen the best room, if you press this button here it pulls the blinds off the windows in the roof and you can see the stars'. Well Ace you do surprise me for a boy, hide and seek and then pulling back curtains to stare at the stars in the sky that isn’t very boyish, sorry i didnt mean it like that your just not like any other guy i have met before its sort of cool that you don’t care about getting with girls at every opportunity and if your muscles are bulging out your top. . . . play soccer? Football?

'Nope, i stay out of the way of the popular kids, not to scare you or anything but they are kinda mean' but they leave us alone' Hmmm us? what sort of group are you in at school then clearly from what you have just said your not in with the popular ones, you don’t dress in black and have multiple piercing, you don’t walk around with skateboard attached your leg or a bike so what’s your group like? 'well its not really a group we are the ' ones' as you put it that don't like to judge and in return no one judges us as long as we stay out of the way of the football players and the cheerleaders we pretty much get left alone.'


OK MOM JUST COMING!, ouch shouting was clearly not a clever thing to do when a rock had tried splitting your head in two or at least felt like that even if it was a little bump.' You had better clean your face before your mother see's you again and wonders why you haven’t cleaned yourself up, your blood has dried on your face and the leaves in your hair isn’t very attractive either!'

On the way back down the hall way i went into the bathroom, the one that was meant to join the room i had hidden in and looked into the mirror, wow i looked like something out of a horror movie why was Ace even talking to me even i thought i was a freak right now, i started picking the broken leaves out of my hair and although i didnt see Ace in the mirror when i looked up he started helping me get the leaves out of my messed up blonde hair half curly half straight where i had tied it up earlier on.

I took some tissue and put under the cold running water and dabbed it near my very un attractive cut open eyebrow, that should do i said to Ace ' yeh all the leaves are out your hair now, thanks, do you drive to school Ace? ' yeh i drive to school do you want a ride in the morning? its a pretty tedious walk otherwise' Only if you don't mind, and if its not to much trouble you probably think im a complete idiot after the things you have seen today.

' As long as you promise to flash me again unannounced and end up looking where you were tomorrow i don’t mind!'

You should be so lucky, so pick me up around 8am, he nodded and smirked and we walked into the kitchen and i had to admit the food smelt good!

After we had eaten Ace and his mom didnt stay for long, and i disappeared back to my room after thanking mom and dad for the meal and nicking a glass of wine off the table that had been poured for Ace's mom but she hadn’t touched it.




Before i knew it my alarm was going off, i had butterfly’s in my stomach . . . . .it was the day my first day at school!

The End

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