Hide and seek


 I have the First day of school tomorrow as when we moved in it was a Friday and managed to persuade my mom and dad that it would be a good idea to start my new school on Monday instead of going to school like a complete weirdo the last day before the weekend, when all the kids are all hyped up for the weekend and sometimes actually most of the time in my previous school experience this made them a little more cruel to anybody new in school.

It was getting dark and the eerie feeling i was trying to explain earlier was getting a little to strong for my liking although spending a lot of time on my own didnt bother me but knowing something was watching me bothered me a lot more than usual.

I was walking back to the dark building i now should call home although homey it didnt look getting a little faster every step i took until i broke into what you would probably call a jog. I didnt know what i was freaking out over but if i usually freak out its normally for a good reason, my dad calls it my gut but i think its my sixth sense in a round about way.

I suppose it was my fault really as i wasn't looking where i was going but also being very clumsy something stupid had to happen sooner rather than later, i fell and by 'fell' i mean fell right to the bottom of his feet . . our apparent next door neighbour which positioned me quite uncomfortably looking up at his crotch probably giving him a very unpleasant view of my top being pushed some where under my arm pits having half my chest out with only my plain black bra on show thinking about it the only one that defiantly found it unpleasant and very embarrassing was clearly me!

'Hi im Ace' i don’t think i have ever moved so quickly in my life and painfully, i must of hit a couple of rocks on the way down especially my leg that felt like the most painful thing in the world at the time and just above my eye near my eyebrow too as it was pretty numb.

'that was a fall and a half, are you ok? your umm' and then he touched his own eye and continued ' your um bleeding!'

After i had covered myself back up and had started walking back to the house with the help of Ace we were greeted by my mother and what i guess was Ace's mother hysterically running around thinking i was dying or something, 'its just a cut above my eye mom stop freaking out' 'and plus head wounds always bleed more' Ace added ,followed by a rather disgusted look by my mother.

It was going to be a family affair to as my dad decided to come into the kitchen which is where Ace had let go of me and i had propped myself up against one of the 4 wooden chairs, ' what have you done now Bex? i think your clumsiness comes from my side of the family i was always having accidents like you, although never quite as bad as you have them, you sure your ok kid?, yes dad im fine, mom im fine, everyone im fine, thank you Ace for helping me back to the house if anyone wants me im going to be in my room i need a lie down ok?'well Bex we invited Ace and his mother over for dinner this evening, i thought Ace could tell you everything they have been learning in school and get you up to date with what’s happening and plus i thought i would be nice for you to know at least one person on your first day at school tomorrow'.

Okay, i cant get out of this one and plus from what i have seen of this Ace he seemed to be really nice so i should be sociable really and try not to act like a complete weirdo in front of strangers in my house in a town i didnt know and one of the strangers was going to be someone i have to go to school with and that was one rule i always had i never judged anyone and in return no one as long as i stayed away from the 'popular kids' would judge me!

'Why don’t you take Ace on a tour of the house Bex, but clean your eye up a little first if your not going to let me or your father do it please, you look like something out of a horror movie!'

Thanks for that mom, at this point i wasn’t too bothered that my mom and just said in front of everyone that i looked like something from a horror movie especially falling underneath my next door neighbours crotch virtually naked on my top half.

So off we went, my room was a little walk away from the kitchen and it felt a lot further away when it hurt to walk, and only looking through one eye, ' give you a game of hide a seek?' i think i stood still for a few seconds and thought to myself hide and seek . . .great a mentally retarded neighbour, before replying 'no thanks, im a bit big for that' to which he replied ' scared your going to loose?' hmmm if he was going to be like that then just to show him that im not your average girl that doesn’t like to get a little dust on her and squeeze into some strange place in the Dark ugly house then it was game on!

The End

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