stars in her eyes.





Well this sucks! mom and dad have moved me yet again to another school and yes yes yes I am probably the new freak and yes I am the one that they now officially will call Boc as that is what the checkout girl called me at the local store who by the way didnt waste any time in telling me she goes to the school I will be starting . . GREAT! As you probably will guess Boc isn’t a name so replace the o for an e and the c for an x and there you have it BEX, that’s me . . . THE NEW GIRL!

Not really to sure why my parents feel they have to keep moving me and why they insist we should move in the middle of every semester . . . well at least our house for the time being has a huge forest out back although at night can be a little scary some of the noises that come from these exact woods im sitting in are not normal, not animal and defiantly not human, kinda gives me the creeps a bit but when you walk in the forest and spend as much time on your own as I do then you learn to block the noises out and just enjoy the peace and quite.

The house that we are living in at the moment is a Dark building, but big enough so i can hide away and have my own space, be alone as i like it and as i said before Peace and Quite!!

When we moved in i found the room that was basically only attached to the house with a skinny hall way and just a door joining onto it allowing myself to shut off from my parents they were always arguing and i didnt like hearing it so was much easier for me to be as far away as possible from any other human form in the building, i wasn’t completely alone i have my cat - Mew a very strange but lazy cat just to expand on strange for my cat, the day we moved in the old lady that we are leasing the house from gave me a . .well . .a charm thingy it sort of look a little like a broach, the kind only the old people wear and told me it would protect me, but before i could ask what the crazy old lady was going on about that’s when it happened that is the moment Mew scratched the hell out of the old lady’s hand that was just reaching its way over to me to pass me the charm thing , the other strange thing about that was the old lady just smiled to herself with her hand bleeding and turned to me and said 'that’s their way of telling me you need to find out for yourself' and 'keep this charm with you it will protect you from them' then she left, what a crazy old bint!

I have kept the charm with me ever since the crazy old lady decided to give it to me for some reason or another i thought that there must be something that was strangely important about about it, and plus old people either know a lot about goings on or are just on the verge of going insane, and in strange way it made me feel safe as i had decided after checking out the woods on my first day that it felt like something was watching me and two days in it still feels the same.

The End

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