Stars and Birds of the Future

Here I am,

and here you are. 

Gazing at a falling star. 

Watch it fall into the night,

until it hits dawn's morning light.

Here the sound collision makes. 

See destruction in it's wake. 

A flower dies,

a bird drops dead.

See worlds crumble-

upon your head.

You could be that falling star. 

That causes pain both near,

and far. 

The world will seek a hero out. 

And one will come. 

Without a doubt. 

The hero came.

The hero's gone. 

The star still touches the weak light

of dawn. 


Here we sit,

both you and I.

Gazing at the twilight sky. 

Wondering what the future brings. 

And in the distance-

a lone bird, 


The End

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