Stars Chapter 2

I looked over at the silver haired boy who was currently sat at my kitchen table licking the last of the casserole of his fingers, he looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back to stunned and lost for words to say anything.

We sat in silence at the table for about five more minuted after that, I finally plucked up the courage to speak to the silver haired boy and asked him "So, I'm Angelica, what's your name? How old are you? Are you O.K? Do you want anymore casserole? I'm sure I can whip some up!"

He laughed and then smirked at an obiously private joke only he knew about, "Hi Angelica, I'm Alex, I'm 14 and i'm pretty sure that I don't want anymore casserole!!" He sat ther smiling at me and then laughed again at another private joke he clearly didn't want to share. "So..." He said, "I'd better leave hadn't I?"

" Oh no no, don't leave, where will you go? You can stay here tonight! And actually you can stay here untill you find soemwhere else to stay!!" I blurted out and automattically clapped my hand to my mouth. "Only if you want to though of course... The choice is always yours..."

"Oh O.K as long as you don't think I'm intruding... I mean I have just fell to earth as a star only to tell you that I don't like the casserole and I only ate it cos you were fussing over me!!" He gasped and he put his hand to his mouth! " I didn't mean that!! I actually didn't it's just soemtimes I don't think before I say things and it just comes out and... and... and...!" He fell silent and I could visibly see his cheeks go red he looked away and so did I.

"It's O.K I do to!!" I said to comfort him, "So I don't know where you come form yet or anything about you!!" I sweetly and swiftly moving onto another subject, "I'll tell you about me and you tell me about you!!"

He nodded silently.

Away we go. "So, I'm just your regular school kid really. Nuff said. You."

He smiled and began his story.

The End

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