Fantasy, about two kids named Alex and Angelica. Written by: Mycayla (and ibeiber)

Angelica was bored. Bored out of her mind, and she wasted no time to say so to her best friend, Lori.

"What am I supposed to do about it?" Lori asked. Angelica drummed her pencil on her desk. She had known what Lori would say, she said it every time. Angelica sighed and looked to the front of the room. The teacher, an old man, at least 92, droned on about the gillo-whatsit and some guy named Robes. It made absolutely no sense. Angelica put her head on her desk. High school was supposed to be amazing! High school was supposed to be magical but awkward, happy but really stressful. Angelica felt none of the conflicting emotions, there were no upperclassmen guys that made her heart flutter, and none of the guys, not even the freshmen ones (thank heaven), had even looked twice at her.

Finally the bell rang. Angelica grabbed her book-bag and ran out of the room. The crowd in the hall fought her as she pushed through it, it seemed they were all headed in the opposite direction as she was, she couldn't find a place to sneak through anywhere.

"WILL YOU ALL JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She yelled. Nothing. No one so much as glanced in her direction. She huffed and let the crowd push her back down the hall until she was nearly back to her classroom. She stepped back inside the door frame, letting the metal shield her from the still pressing crowd. She leaned against it.

"High school is no different from middle school." She said quietly.


When the halls finally cleared Angelica ran down the hall to the parking lot where her mother was waiting to pick her up.

"Can I drive home?" Angelica asked when she opened the door. Her mother shook her head.

"No hon' you've kept me waiting here too long, and I'm running late. I need to get you home quickly or I will be late for my meeting."

That's what she called them 'meetings.' They were really just parties, or dates that she scheduled way early in the day. Angelica rolled her eyes as she climbed in the passenger seat.

"When will you be back?" Angelica asked her mother.

"Not until late. There's a casserole in the fridge that you can heat up for dinner." Mom said. Angelica nodded. Her mother continued, setting the guidelines for the evening.  "Make sure you get all of your homework done, and get to bed before 10!" Angelica nodded again, not planning on doing either. The car  pulled up in front of the small two bedroom town-home that Angelica shared with her mother.

"Bye sweetie" Her mother kissed angelica on the cheek, "see you in the morning!"

"Bye mom." Angelica climbed out of the car, grabbing her book bag.


The house was quiet. The sun had gone down, it was about 8:30 and the casserole now had a few slices taken out of it. Angelica sat by herself in the kitchen, debating on what to do next. It was too early to go to bed, and reading was a bore. She headed out to the back porch to look at the stars.

There were only a few showing, the light pollution was too great for a lot of stars. But there was one, it was her favorite, though it could be a planet... no it was definitely a star, it was so bright in the sky, it seemed to shine just for her. Tonight it seemed bigger than usual. Angelica rested her elbows on the railing of the porch and watched the star. It was definitely bigger than usual, and it seemed to be growing. no, not growing, it was coming closer, like a comet, headed straight for her neighborhood. It got closer and closer until it nearly blinded her. Angelica threw up a hand to sheild her eyes. Then she heard a crash, and the whole world seemed to shake. Angelica opened her eyes and lowered her hands. She could see smoke, it was not too far away. She rand through the house and out the front door, towards the smoke. It was in the large fenced off field, now a large crater. She walked up to the edge of the crater.

"Wont this be great for school tomorrow. A real live comet!" she whispered to her self. But when she looked into the crater, she didn't see a large glowing rock, or a sparkling diamond, she saw a boy, laying unconscious in the center of the crater. He looked about her age, fourteen. With platinum blonde, spiky hair, his eyes were closed, but he had a nice looking face. He was wearing a silvery track suit, shiny pants and a matching jacket.

"hey!" Angelica shook his shoulder. "Hey, kid! Wake up!"


The End

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