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this is chapter one of the starry six , it is called Danger ... its about a woman who has left a fanstay land, however is now being dragged back, why she knows not, she also doesnt know what her role is there, neather the less she's being taken back and will soon be forced into remebering her old life .....


 Cassandra’s eyes swivelled around the freshly painted bright living room, two loud thuds struck her dark brown front door, and the house turned suddenly cold and shuck as a breeze hit. It felt as if the mountain had toppled inwards trapping her inside the house, but the house stood solid and the door, which held so many secrets and memories kept the stranger out of her home.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to visit the old town house, as Joseline and kalub, Cassandra’s parents, had been popular with the simple people in this small town village. But it was uncommon for people to visit when they were told no one was to be home for another two months. Her brothers hadn’t told the staff of her arrival; as they themselves had no knowledge of this sudden change of heart she was experiencing with London’s busy polluted streets.

She had came back to east wood early this year, if truth be told she wasn’t sure why, perhaps it was that she missed the old house she had come to view as her true home. All she was sure of was she didn’t leave London for the shameful excuse she had given her flat mate Lizzy. No, it was merely the gut stabbing instinct, which beckoned her back to this small mansion in the small town.

When she was younger she used to hate the family holiday’s here, she used to forever complain about the mud that socked her pristine white shoes and her pretty designer clothing. But her parents adored the lump of bricks and told her that one day as they do she would come to see the house as a sanctuary, a place where she would always be safe. And they were right.

Another thud hit the door. Cassandra sighed and admitted defeat, this person was going to give in easily it would save her a lot of time and a headache to just see what they wanted.

“I’m coming!” she placed her book onto the side table and by dangling her legs over the side, pushed her small frame of the old sofa, she had once hated because it had appeared lumpy. Pulling her top down over her hips and brushing the wrinkles out of her cloths she headed towards the noisy visitor, demanding so much attention. She felt stiff from the long car journey she had made only a few hours ago. As she walked along, she stroked the work surfaces where vases of flowers stood and photo frames lie with happy memories.

 Her focus gripping the door as she walked towards it; her mind buzzing, this house really was the sweetest place on earth. Usually when she went back to the other houses they would just stand there cold and dead, even with household staff awakening them, but there was something about this place which just awakened joy and happiness without force.  

She peeped through the eyehole and was greeted by two dark brown eyes. For a second she was scared out of her life as she thought it was Joshua, here to drag her back to drearily London. But these eyes were sweeter than her ex boyfriends, these sat perfect in the mould of his eye socket.

“Are you going to open the door?” his harsh tone alerted her to the fact that a complete stranger now stood outside her door. How had he known she was home? She unlatched the two thick iron latches on the door, which she had placed on securely in the hope to keep out any unwanted cleaners who had by chance seen her car.

She peeled the door back to view the rude man in front of her.

“Cassandra Delamlre?” she eyed him nervously, trying to figure of from his appearance what he wanted.

“Who wants to know?” his lips curved up into a greedy looking smile, he had came to find her. She groaned aloud, he had been following her. The thought of it being Joshua had worried her and now she had a stalker to most likely fear as well.

“I’m a business man” Cassandra let of a silent moan, business men were always tricky to deal with and very time consuming.

“My brothers deal with business men like yourself and I’m afraid they’re currently based in London and New York.” She said with a pasted on smile.

“That’s a little further away than what I planned to journey Miss, especially when your brothers are not who I wish to see.” she had left London to find peace and realisation. To achieve something positive, so far the only thing she had achieved was a stalker.

“ What is it you want with me?” she said still holding the door in a firm grasp.

“Invite me in” he said coolly, and stepping slightly forwards.

“No. “ and she began to shut the door, to separate herself form this rude, unfriendly visitor.

“I wasn’t asking” his foot stepped in the gap and so tired from her journey she emitted defeat and opened the door letting the stranger enter, usually she wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen but his cool expression screamed he wasn’t a forced to be reckoned with.

“ Okay you’re in the house, now tell me what this is about?”

“I was surprised when you left London, young girls like yourself usually favour the night party scene to the quiet country side.”

“Well there’s a lot about me that’s surprising.”

“I’m sure there is.” He was examining her now and she didn’t like his eyes rolling over her body.

“The country has appealing aspects.” She said trying to stop his eyes making her feel weak and vulnerable.

“Oh I’m sure it does.”

“I don’t appreciate being called a girl! And I really don’t like being talked to in that patronising tone of voice, I’m twenty two not fourteen!”

“Twenty two huh?”

“Not that it’s any of your business!”

“Your quite cute when you’re being defensive miss Delamlre.” He was beginning to annoy her now, what business men came to her home which was supposed to be unused and called her cute?

“Its not a sin to be cute, it is however to break into peoples homes”

“I didn’t break in, you opened the door.”

“You as good as insisted to come in ignoring my protests!”

“Ahh yes I suppose I am guilty of that, but in all honesty. I couldn’t give a crap!” that filled Cassandra with fury, she was used to men being arrogant and a little rude, she had grown up with her brothers. But it didn’t mean she would tolerate it from a total stranger.

“ Are you a successful business man?” she asked trying to aggravate him, as judging from his jeans and t-shirt she was almost positive he indeed wasn’t.

“Have you ever done a days work in your life?”

“I beg your pardon! Who the hell do you think you are to judge me! You may think I’m some rich little girl who depends on her family’s money but I do work and you have no right to judge me, you don’t even know me!”

“Have you finished?”

”That depends on if you’ve finished being an arsehole!”

“My my the little rich kid has a potty mouth”

“Oh get out!” she said turning her back on him, not wanting to see his cruel judging face.

“I’ve not finished”

“Not finished what?” she said after spinning round to face him once more. “Judging me?”

“No telling you what I came here to say.”

“And what was that? Because the only thing you’ve expressed so far is hatred for me.”

“I don’t hate you, kid” she scowled at him.

“I am not a kid.”

“Whatever sweetheart”

“What do you want Mr.-? See I don’t even know your name!”

“Its irrelevant”

“Excuse me? How can your name be unimportant?”

“It just is”  

“Right. Well Mr. unimportant or irrelevant I’m going to ask you nicely one more time, and then I’m calling the copps. Leave my property!”

“Your not curious then?”

“I emit I was at first, however your arrogance has put me completely off!”


“What a charming little comment, share it with someone else. Go, now!”

“Make me princess.”

“Right I’m calling the police.”

“Don’t pick up that phone, if you know what’s best.”

“And what if I don’t know what’s best? Are you going to make me?”

“You’ve got a lot of spirit little thing.”

“I may be short, but I’m a black belt so ill say this one more time leave or you will be in jail with stitches.”

“You don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?” he leaned in close, a little too close for Cassandra and whispered in her ear.

“That you’re being hunted.”

“Excuse me?”

“There outside right now.” Cassandra started at the strange man in front of her, thinking oh my god, there is a mad man inside my house slowly she turned to look at the window, to see if he was telling the truth. Seeing this he made his move and wrapped his arms around her body and placed his hand over her mouth. Her screams were muffled as he dragged her over to the corner. Juggling her body he managed to move the wooden panels in just the right way to reveal a secret compartment under the floorboards that Cassandra has never seen or known was there. Just as he threw her in Cassandra heard the sound of the front door being broken down. She was thrown with no delicacy and landed on her knees. He followed her down, replacing the floorboards quickly and in order, once he had finally done the door as no longer in the way of the people that were on the other side of it. He sat next to her and whispered in her ear.

“Shhh” his hand lay heavy on her mouth, his eyes looking up towards the trap door above their heads. Cassandra stayed still, her heart pounding in the darkness. She started to count the seconds.  1, 2, 3. Silence echoed through out the room. And her thoughts screamed in her head were they still up there? What did they want? And why was I so afraid? Surely they couldn’t be after me, I didn’t even know who they were, in truth I was no one to them just another person on this empty planet. They were after the man; so maybe if I just got out and told them I didn’t know whom he was and that I wasn’t any one to them, and then they would just leave me alone. Hopefully.

Cassandra’s deep blue eyes gazed at the man in front of her, he had now lowered his hand from her mouth but he kept his other arm in a firm grip on her body pinning her to her current position as if he was reading her thoughts of running away. Cassandra’s mouth felt sore after his firm hands had pushed her soft lips down, it had all been such a shock when he had walked into her house.

Her knees felt swore, from the way she had landed due to the stranger’s strong push. He still didn’t look at her. She felt like shoving his arm away from her and shouting as loud as she could, not for the other men to come and get her but for this wild beast to just look at her, to stop ignoring her questioning eyes. But his attention was still focused on the creaking floor boards as one man moved around the upper level.

“Well?” damn, their still here, her hopes that they had left now vanished and she repositioned herself to try and become comfortable enough for a while. As if knowing what she was planning to do he loosened his grip on her and allowed her to sit on her bottom, her knees curled in front of her chest. His arm didn’t leave her though.

“She must have slipped out.” She, oh my god, Cassandra’s face dropped, mouth wide open with amazement. So they were after me after all. She said to herself.

“What do you mean she must have slipped out? She’s a woman” after hearing that comment she began thinking about the different names she could call them, pig… dog… hog… the list of farm yard animals continued and disappeared as she tried to concentrate on what they were saying.

“ That don’t mean she isn’t a quick runner!” the other man said breathing heavily, more so then normal, it was as if he'd been running.

“He’s with her now. Basterd!” a crashing sound erupted in the room, he kicked over her chair, that arse hole! Cassy thought .It was enough that he was after her but he didn’t need to hurt her furniture, what the hell had they done? What the hell had she done?

“Were going to be in shit aren’t we.”

“You think? Our last chance Jasper and we screwed it up. She’s twenty- two hardly strong enough to walk down to the fucking shop!”

“What’s Corinthian going to say?”

“What do we do now?” a third one spoke.

“We keep looking, they can’t have gone far. She’s not as strong as him and he won’t want to tire her out, sooner then later they’ll be forced to stop.”

“But one of the borders isn’t far away, they could make it.”

“What are we going to do about the guy, who is he?”

“ You see him jasper, you kill him.”

Cass drew a sharp intake when she heard him say that. It wasn’t what he said, it was the way he said it, like it wasn’t a big deal to him. The thought broke a shiver down her spine and the strange man gripped her closer, holding her in strong confident arms. They were talking about her, they didn’t want him, and they were after her. And they didn’t care what they had to do to get her, even kill this stranger didn’t seem like such an awful thing to them. What had she done? She’d never had any dealings with these kind of people, those who speck of taking another’s life as if talking about the weather.

She heard the faint sound of something smash, her heart sank. They were going to trash her mother’s old house, just great! All the years she spent here as a child, she had seen the cottage as a happy and safe place but now if she ever came back; all she would see when she walked through the door would be their evil words and cassy's over active heart beat stomping a bigger hole in her chest.

The main pieces of furniture were now being thrown around so in an effort to drown out the sound, Cassandra concentrated on breathing and trying to recover slightly from her current state of fear.

They didn’t stay that long. However for the short period of time they stayed they had certainly left a mark on her living room. The room no longer looked like home, just another room in the large house. The house was now cold and silence echoed, it was as if they had smashed the spirit of the house.

The strange man lifted the trap door above their heads peered around to see if anyone was still there before lifting his body out. Cassandra paused for a slight second before accepting the hand he held out towards her, offering to pull her out of the dusty cadge.

“ Oh my god, what have they done to my house.”

“Ruffed it up a bit, get over it, its only a house.”

“Its not just a house! Its my home.” He didn’t say anything, just examined the room, spinning his eyes round to see if he could find anything …useful.

‘Darling you need a drink’ she spun around to glare at him, as he helped himself to her liquor cabinet. How dare he? How dare he? He had a bloody cheek! Anger twisted around her like a pipe cleaner round a pencil, tight and twisted.

‘Excuse me?’ she said finally when she had calmed down the urge to punch him in the face ‘who the hell you think you are? Who the hell do you think I am?’ she couldn’t see his eyes or his face. He remained with his back to her, helping himself to her most expensive whiskey.

‘Ill pour you a double’ he said ignoring her, not bothering to glance in her direction to see the furry oozing of her.

‘No you’ll give me an explanation!’ she yelled. He turned away from what he was doing and met her eyes. He looked cool and in control, he honestly didn’t realize how angry she was because if he did he would be running from the building, like a sane person! 

‘What you want to know?’ finally she thought he was going to answer her questions, finally she could start to understand what was going on here.

‘Okay how about, who are you? Why are you here? Why are people after me? -’

‘You ask too much’ the anger, which had been replaced with relief, now flooded backing in a strong current.

‘No I think I ask too little! You owe me an explanation!’ it was him now who looked angry, as if he was about to punch something.

‘I don’t owe you anything kid’

‘Don’t fucking call me kid, all right! I’m 22 not 14 and you cant fuck me around like this!’

‘Oh cant I?’ he said it the same way as her ex-boyfriend had said it before he threw her on the bed and stormed out of the flat. He had thrown her on the bed but she knew a little les control it would have been the concrete wall.

‘I disserve an explanation into why my mothers house is trashed and why I am being forced to be on the run with you, a total stranger! You know you say your the good guy, but how the hell do I know that?’

‘Did you hear what they said?’

‘Yes I heard, I heard them talking about killing you.’

‘Yes to get to you!”


“So since as I’m risking my life how about you cut me some slack!”

“Oh you’re an arrogant basterd!”

“Oh like I’ve never heard that one before.”

“Do you mind, that bottle costs three thousand pounds!!!”

“What’s the point of buying wine if you aren’t going to drink it?”

“Its not about the drink, it’s the principal!”

“The what?”

“The principal! You can’t simply take wine out of my cupboards that don’t belong to you!”

“Who’s going to stop me?”


The End

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