Starry Nights - Chapter two

His hand gently patted me on my cold, snowy shoulder. My body infused with the heat from his palm.

'Morning,' His said, tucking his hands into his pockets and nodding his head

' Erm, Morning I guess' I said, whilst copying him.

'You're new, right? I mean at my school?'

'I really don't know...., sorry I didn't catch your name...'

'My name is, Christopher. Christopher Furnwood. I don't live too far from you, you know. Just down the road, in the blue house. Well I'll leave you to finish un packing.'

In a blink, he disapeared into the snowy distance. My mom looked at me, rolling her eyes. I grabbed my faded orange backpack and slowly walked to the door of what would be, my new villa. I placed the cold, icy key into the scruffy and old key hole. My future was going to be, behind this very door.

The End

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