Starry Nights - Chapter One

The opening chapter of a mind casting story. Saphy moves to her new town, Degwood.

I looked out of the window, after cleaning a spot on the condensated window. The lushious green from the forest to my left starttled my eyes with such joy. However, there was something yet so mysterious about this town, Degwood. A not so cheerful name, is it?

The buildings whizzed passed my eyes into a grey blur. That's what this town was....a blur. Until, the only colourful thing caught my eye. It was him. His caramell toned hair, his ivory skin, his beaming brown eyes. My face gripped to the window as he stood by the pavement, looking my way.

The car jerked as my mom turned the corner. She pulled up onto a driveway, which bellonged to a wooden villa. The snow sat on the roof, and some icecles hung from the window, supposed to me 'my room'

I stepped out of the car, I heard footsteps before I turned aroud he was there.

The End

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