Part 2: The Queen

My eyes opened and I found myself alone, in a dungeon cell. I sat up on the cot, rubbing my eyes, when I opened them again, they landed on a familiar washstand, basin, and what passed for breakfast.

I glanced at the large clock in an upper corner of the room. I'd slept in, and it was almost time for the inspection. I stood up, washed my face and hands in the basin and sat back down on the cot, waiting for the captain of the guard to come chain me up and lead me to the queen so she could see her prize.

The same dream as every night since my capture, I'd been wandering the kingdom, no name, no memories, just the tattered clothes on my back and the the urge to find something, or someone, I couldn't remember. But I must look different from anyone else, or else the queen wouldn't want me captured and brought before her.

A clicking sound from the lock woke me from my thoughts and four men entered the cell, chained my hands behind my back and pushed me out into the narrow hallway. The other prisoners stared at me as we filed past. The queen's courtiers were slightly more polite, looking at me only until I looked at them back, but the queen looked me in the eyes, with no fear, just amazement. All mirrors were covered when I walked into the throne room, I knew they weren't tapestries because the queen took great pride in her appearance, it was apparent in the gold curls falling from her head, the fair skin, the flattering, pure white dress she wore today, the perfect fingers she nearly touched me with then drew away as if afraid. I would have thought her beautiful, if I hadn't dreamed of the star.

"Good morning your highness." I said, beginning the ritual as always.

"Good morning," The queen replied. "I trust you slept well?"

"The same as always." I said, she asked the same question since the morning after I'd been captured, I'd told her about the dream, and about the star, since then, she'd taken to wearing white, I remembered that day, she'd worn a green dress, it was one of the earliest memories I had, just the capture preceded it.

"That's all." Said the queen, talking to the guard on my left. "Take him away."

"Yes your highness." I was lead away, and the queen called the captain of the guard into the room.

"Even now." The queen said staring after the prisoner. "I find it hard to believe that such a thing could exist."

"I feel the same way, you highness." Said the captain.

"Oh please Charles, in private please call me Nicole."

"I'm afraid I cant do that your highness, particularly now that you..." The captain paused awkwardly. "If you'll excuse me your highness." He walked away.

"Charles!" The queen called to him, but no order followed and the captain kept walking. She screeched in anger as soon as the door was closed, and threw the orb that symbolized her power across the room, it hit the door with surprising force. "Its not him I want!"

Her thoughts showed otherwise though, as the image of the boy flashed through her head. Those strange golden eyes had captivated her from the moment she had seen them, from her carriage window, that face, more handsome than any normal boy could, fairer than the fair folk of legend, the skin, silver, smooth as silk, and perfectly clean, though he'd been in the dungeon for so long now, the hair, gold and silver, he seemed to be made of precious metals. The queen snapped herself out of it and began conducting the days business

The End

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