A strange piece of work from a half remembered dream.

I opened my eyes to an unknown world, a castle by the looks of things, shooting stars crossed the sky outside the big arched windows to my right. I was in a hallway, the floor was polished wood and marble. I looked out the window, but all I could see were the stars, the "ground" could've been clouds or a thick forest, in the starlight it was hard to tell.

Suddenly I heard strains of music coming from the end of the hallway.
I followed the sound and found myself looking down on a very big ballroom, lit with candles, but no one was around, not even an orchestra, though I could still hear the music, but its tune had changed, something more minor, darker. The stars still fell outside. Where was I?

I ran towards the main door of the ballroom, suddenly in a hurry. The hallway outside the ballroom wasnt much different from the one I'd just come through, but from here, I could see a large shadow in the distance, like a mountain, just one mountain as far as the eye can see, a thousand miles high, I ran for the front door, but it was locked.

Then, a blazing white light lit up the hall, a star was in the room with me. I sheilded my eyes from the light.

"Who are you?" I asked as it--she--came closer, she was the fairest thing in the world, both in color and in beauty, she glowed as all stars do, and I had to squint to see her properly.

"Save this world." She said, then kissed me full on the mouth. Shocked I reeled back and hit the door, but the star just smiled and faded away.

The End

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