Chapter 7.2 - PromMature

I slid into the limo and Josh slid in and sat down next to me, sinking comfortably into the leather seats.

In front of the leather seats was a built in unit which contained two half filled glasses of champagne, Joshua reached across and picked up the glasses and handed one to me. He raised his glass in the air and with a smile said “Happy Anniversary, and may I say you are looking exceptional tonight!”

I blushed at this remark and looked down at the glass of champagne which bubbled temptingly in my hand, willing me to drink it. “To the future” Joshua said, “To the future” I repeated before tapping our glasses together and taking a sip.

When we arrived, I peered out of the tinted limo windows to see a variety of different dresses and suits, everyone looked incredible. It was so strange to see everyone looking so formal when I am so used to seeing them in the same boring school uniform day in and day out.

I could see Elsie in an incredibly short dress with a low V neck which made me get the impression that she was planning on pulling tonight. She had used a foundation which didn’t match her skin colour at all, making her look orange – I could help giggling at how awful she actually looked. 

Rachel could also be seen wearing the floor length red dress which I had picked out for her; I was in awe by how stunning she looked. Her hair was elegantly tied up and her makeup was beautifully done, showing of her gorgeous complexion.

The chauffeur pulled open the door and both Joshua and I climbed out, I trotted up to Rachel trying my hardest not to trip up in the heels I was wearing – my feet were already aching, begging me to take them off.

“You look stunning Rach” I smiled

“So do you Megan, everyone looks incredible” she noted, looking around at everyone in their dresses and suits. “Well not quite everyone” I muttered flitting my eyes temporarily over to where Elsie stood.

Rachel just laughed at me and gave me a look as if to say, “Well what you expected?”

After about 15 minutes of standing around in our dresses being admired by everyone we were all told to make our way towards the Mackenzie where the meal would be served. I looped my arm through Rachel’s and we followed the crowd of people inside, our stomachs looking forward to an amazing meal.

I hadn’t counted on my dress being so large that parts of it bulged from either side of my seat, but luckily Rachel’s dress did exactly the same  so I didn’t feel so embarrassed.

I listened eagerly to the animated chatter from around the table; it was amazing that even on a social event people still decided to talk to the same people as they would in school.

Rachel on the chair on one side of me and Josh on the seat on the other side we started to chat about our plans for after college whist we waited for our food to arrive.

The End

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