Chapter 7.1 – PromMature

The week up to prom passed torturously slow, it was clear to see that all the girls were starting to get dolled up ready for the prom. Fake tans, new hair dos, and I even heard one girl talking to her friend in the toilets about getting a boob job; honestly you would think it was the Oscars!

I could imagine how stunning everyone was going to look, all the girls dressed up to the nines, and all the handsome boys dressed in tuxedos.

I was really looking forward to the evening, a great social event before we get into the nitty gritty of exams. I had picked what meal I wanted to eat at the prom, an event had appeared on facebook with a list of the most delicious sounding food to choose from; my mouth watered just thinking about it.

 The clock ticked nearer to the end of the day and I watched it’s every movement, not paying any attention to what my teacher was rambling on about. Soon I would be getting ready for what I could only describe as the best night of my life; it was officially a year today that I started dating Joshua. 5 minutes to go. I looked around me, I could tell that other people were getting impatient shuffling in their seats, subtly packing their books away and whispering to their friends.

When the bell finally run, signaling the end of the day I jumped out of my seat, shoved everything into my bag and raced towards the parking lot towards my car.


I slid into the elegant floor length olive green dress I had bought with Rachel and stared at myself in the mirror. It was beautiful. The full-length, strapless, taffeta dress had a stunning design of beads and sequins embroidered under the bust and across the waistline. The bodice was boned and padded and a full romantic, 'pick-up' skirt added to the perfect detail, with the fabric cascading towards the hem.

My mother finished tying up the corset back and came to stand next to me, in absolute awe. “You look beautiful” she whispered as she brushed a strand of hair from in front of my face. My long sandy blonde hair had been curled elegantly and half of it had been tied upwards and a beautiful tiara, bought courtesy of my dad, sat on top of my head, the jewels glistening magnificently.

The doorbell rang from downstairs and my mother went to answer it, I applied the finishing touches to my makeup before making my way slowly downstairs, wobbling slightly as I got used to the heels I was wearing.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I caught sight of him, tall and handsome, his brown hair was beautifully combed and he looked so incredible in his suit I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he was mine. “Wow, Megan you look… words can’t describe how incredible and gorgeous you look” Joshua said before taking my hands and pulling me into a tender kiss.

When our lips parted Joshua pulled out a beautiful corsage, which he slid onto my wrist. Gorgeous, white flowers sat onto of a jewel encrusted bracelet which glistened, an elegant green. The wrist corsage matched my dress perfectly, I thought as I stood there lost for words at the overall beauty of the corsage. “Shall we go?” he asked offering his arm to me. I accepted graciously, and we heading out of the house and towards the long stretch limo which was waiting to take us to the prom.

The End

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