Chapter 6.2 – Preparations for Prom!Mature

The week seemed to drag on and on, still I wasn’t complaining. Everyone was thrilled about my engagement to Joshua, all apart from Elsie who would make the odd bitchy remark like “You know I think only slags marry when they are still in their teens” when I was within earshot.

 One lunchtime, I was sitting with Hannah, Joshua and Rachel enjoying my lunch when Elsie and one of her ‘sheep’ sat on the table just a few metres from where we were sitting. I call Elsie’s friends ‘sheep’ because they always seem to follow her around like little lost lambs. 

I tried my hardest to blank out Elsie’s snide comments by breathing deeply and scrunching up my eyes, but it was no use.

“You know Toya, I bet that ring was bought on the cheap, that girl isn’t worth it!” I know it was such a petty comment but the way she said it made me jump to my feet, seething with anger.

 It took both Hannah and Joshua both holding me back to stop me from launching an attack on Elsie there and then, instead I said to her “You say one more word and you’ll be sorry” before shaking Joshua and Hannah off me and hurrying out of the room.

Rachel entered the toilets just as I was dabbing at my eyes, she could tell that I had been crying - I know, silly of me to let Elsie’s petty remarks get to me! –

“Hey” she said pulling me into hug “What’s the matter?” she asked sympathetically.

I wiped my eyes and then said “Nothing, just being silly that’s all just sick of Elsie’s snide remarks all the time!” I smiled at her wiping any lingering tears from my eyes.

“Are we still on for Saturday? I can’t wait for prom!” I said quickly trying to change the subject to something other than Elsie.

“Yeah, we need to get all glammed up; we only have a week left!” I giggled at this remark then made to leave the toilets, makeup reapplied, and no evidence on my face to suggest that I had been crying.

I was so happy when Saturday finally rolled around, the past week seemed to pass at a snails pace, most probably because of the fact that there was now only a week left until the big year 13 prom and of course that meant that Joshua and I would have been dating for a year exactly.

 Rachel was sat on the bench in town waiting for me to arrive, phone clasped in her hand, her head snapped up when she saw me approach. “Was just texting you, wondering where you were” she said greeting me with a hug. “You are so impatient Rach” I said giggling at the face she had now pulled at me “Come on!” I said taking her arm and dragging her towards “Minx” which was the only decent shop in town that sold prom dresses.

 After what seemed an age, I dragged what looked to be half the shops dresses into the changing rooms to try on, I just couldn’t decide!

My favourite so far was an elegant floor length olive green dress, when I put it on I felt like a princess. I pulled back the curtain to show Rachel, I did a little twirl then said “So what do you think?”

“I love it, its gorgeous!” I grinned at her.

We spent another hour or two going through some more dresses, trying to find a dress which Rachel liked the look of – she was far harder to please than me. Rachel wasn’t really a dress person, she was more tomboyish. Rachel had a knack for picking out clothes which look stunning on other people; however when it came to herself she struggled.

“How about this one?” I asked with a sigh, it must have been the hundredth dress I had pulled off the rail. Rachel considered it for a while and then agreed that she liked the look of the dress I was holding up and agreed to try it on.

When Rachel eventually pulled back the curtain of the changing room I was amazed by the transformation in front of me, she was wearing a floor length red dress, which curved in all the right places, showing off her slender figure. “Rachel, you look incredible” I said, still amazed at how beautiful she looked in a dress, then realising for the first time that I had never seen her in a dress before.

She beamed at me, I think she agreed with me as that was the dress she bought, and with arms full of bags we headed to my car so that we could put our purchases in the boot and go and get something to eat.

I think everyone will agree that shopping is very hungry work!

The End

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