Chapter 6.1 – Preparations for Prom!Mature

Nothing was going to bring me down from the high state of euphoria that I was in that evening, I was engaged to the man I loved and I felt like everything was perfect.

I rested my head against Joshua’s body and smiled happily to myself, Joshua played with my long blonde hair, twirling it round and round his fingers.

 All my emotions bubbled up inside me, I was so happy and content with the world nothing could possibly spoil this. How naive I was, honestly believing that I would be happy forever. I was already making mental plans in my head about what I wanted at my wedding, who I would invite not giving a second thought about the price of course.

 * * *

Mine and Joshua’s engagement was the talk of the whole school. As I entered form on Monday morning whispers broke out and I couldn’t help smiling happily as about 30 or so eyes fixed themselves on me. I could see out of the corner of my eye, Elsie scowling at me [it was obvious that she was not happy with the situation at all.]

 Elsie had been trying to spilt Joshua and I up from the moment we had started dating, mainly by concocting nasty rumours which spread around the school like Chinese whispers, getting more distorted and terrible the more it is passed on. One of these rumours nearly did split us up, she had made up a story that Joshua was cheating on me with is ex girlfriend and best friend Hannah. I was reassured by both of them that there was nothing happening and since then I learned to ignore every sentence that came out of Elsie’s mouth. Although I always felt a pang of paranoia whenever Joshua said that he was going to see Hannah.

 Blushing slightly, I took my usual seat in form next to Rachel who swivelled around in her chair to face me, a huge grin on her face. “I am so happy for you Meg. Lets see the ring, I’ve been dying to see it ever since you told me!” she said excitedly.

I sighed and pulled my hand out from my pocket and allowed Rachel to gawp at the ring, she wasn’t the only one either, what looked to be the rest of the form crowded around us; peering over each others shoulders. Even our form teacher Mr Burch had a look at my engagement ring before ushering everyone back to their chairs and proceeding to register us.  

The End

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