Chapter 5 – Yes or No?Mature

This was totally unexpected; I stood there completely overwhelmed and speechless as to what to say. Joshua was rambling on, obviously getting nervous as I hadn’t responded.

“We don’t have to get married straight away; we will wait until after you finish uni of course, I just thought that if I proposed to you now then there would be less chance of my losing you when you go to uni.” He looked up at me sheepishly when he had said that.

True, I knew that when came for us to go our separate ways and head off to uni then I would hardly see Joshua, he was off to another university miles away, so I understood where Joshua was coming from.  I held back slightly, part of me wanted to scream yes at the top of my lungs but the more realistic side of my brain was telling me I was going off to uni so I wouldn’t see much of him and also that I was too young to get to be engaged.

 For once in my life, I decided that I wasn’t going to listen to the realistic side of my brain, I was willing to be daring for once, he was the man I loved, I didn’t care that I was going off to uni in a matter of months, It didn’t matter! Love is a strong bond that cannot be broken by long distance and like Joshua had said there was no rush for us to get married.

 Trying hard not to visualise the shocked and most probably disappointed looks of my parents faces when I told them that I was engaged; I looked down into Joshua’s brown eyes and stammered “Y..Yes I will marry you.”

 His face lit up, he stood up and before I knew it his soft, tender lips had met mine and he was kissing me passionately. As our lips parted he took the ring and slid it gently onto my finger, I gazed down at the glittering jewel as it sparkled magnificently from my finger. “Its beautiful” I said smiling down at it.

The End

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