Chapter 4 - The Engagement RingMature



Tonight was the night I thought, it seemed appropriate that I should propose tonight. She had texted me the news that she had got a conditional for her first choice university and it seemed that I would only have mere months left with her unless, unless I proposed.

 Ring Ring Ring

 I listened to the ringing on the line waiting for my friend Hannah to pick up, I wanted her opinion on which ring to buy for Megan as Hannah was a girl and she would know.

I had known Hannah for what seemed to be forever, and she was one of my best friends – Yes a girl! –

“Hello?” her voice answered, “Hey Han its Josh are you doing anything now?” I asked praying that she would be free. “Nope why?” she asked a note of confusion in her voice. “That’s great because I want you to come into town with me and help me pick out an engagement ring, I’m proposing to Megan tonight!”

Her voice sounded delighted at this, “Aww that’s wonderful news” she said, I could tell even over the phone that she was grinning. “I’ll come and pick you up now” I said quickly before hanging up the phone.

Hannah, like I said before was my best friend and more, she was my first proper girlfriend before Megan of course. The reason we had broken up was because of the fact that she was more like a sister to me than a girlfriend. We stayed friends of course, even though at first she seemed a little put out by the fact that we had split up and it did put a strain on our friendship but we were fine now.

I climbed into my car, and drove to Hannah’s house; she was standing there waiting for me, her long curly black hair tied back into a bushy bobble. She climbed in and gave a peck on the cheek before saying “I am so happy for you Josh, you and Megan are the perfect match”

I grinned this and started up the car and headed for town.


“How about this one” Hannah asked excitedly, pressing her finger against the glass and pointing to a ring with a ruby in the centre of it. I laughed before saying sarcastically “Yeah, I can really afford that!” she looked at me sternly “No need to be sarcastic, that’s the 6th one you have said no to, why bring me along if you are going to ignore my advice?” she crossed her arms and frowned at me. “Oh alright, If I can’t find one soon we will go for that sapphire ring you pointed out earlier” I said smiling at her. She unfolded her arms and walked up the shop, examining every ring in turn then saying “How about-“ “No” I would cut in, making her scowl at me and  continue walking up the shop.

After half an hour I gave in and Hannah dragged me back to the sparkling sapphire ring, “You said” I frowned slightly at the ring but then on close inspection changed my mind. I watched as light sparkled from in hitting the glass. It was a beautiful ring and I am sure that Megan would love it.

Hannah almost skipped back to the car, she was very pleased with the ring I had bought, I let her hold the ring as we drove back to her house and I could see her staring at it in awe for the whole journey back. She didn’t say a word, she just stared transfixed at the ring – like a rabbit stares at car headlights.

“We’re back” I said nudging her slightly to get her attention. She placed the box with the ring inside on her seat and bid me bye shouting “Good Luck” as I drove away.

The End

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