Chapter 2 - Bright Future ... Or is it?Mature

I felt something moving by my toes, paws plodding up the bed, until from beneath the covers emerged Joshua’s Siamese cat Colan.

He settled down in between myself and Joshua, moving his head towards my hand, insisting that I stroke him! He purred as I scratched him behind his ear and he closed his blue eyes, opening them only to meow at me loudly for briefly stopping stroking him to scratch my nose.

Colan had inherited the nickname “Sod Siamese” from me and Joshua, which fitted him perfectly, as he always seemed to make himself a pain all the time.

I yawned and snuggled back down, I wanted to cuddle back up with Joshua but Colan had parked his butt right in the way and refused to budge even when I put my hands under the cover and tried to uproot him that way.

Instead he decided he would move and settle down on my stomach ... fecking brilliant I thought, as I was meowed at to continue stroking him!

For what seemed like an age all I heard was the purring of Colan, the birds outside singing and early morning song and Joshua muttering nonsense in his sleep.

I heard him say my name a few times, before he stirred and his eyes flickered open, he smiled contently and he looked up at me.

“Morning” I said, eventually managing to shove Colan off my stomach, he grumbled noisily before skulking downstairs to sit by his bowl, and demand food the moment anyone steps foot in the kitchen.

“Morning, what time is it?”

I grabbed my phone off the bedside cabinet, “Half Ten”

Before I could put my phone back down, it buzzed and displayed

1 new message – mum on the screen

“Whose that from?” Joshua said peering over my shoulder

“Just my mum” I said before unlocking my phone to read it;


Morning Meg,

Uni letter came in the post

Also I know your at Joshua’s today but I need you

home by 7 to look after Libby and Zara

See you later Love Mum x


“Do you want the good news, or the bad news?” I said turning to face Joshua

Joshua looked puzzled then said “Bad”

“I have to babysit my sisters tonight”

“and the good news?”

“Uni letter has FINALLY come!”

“That’s Great” he said before kissing me tenderly.

 * * *

By the time half 6 that evening rolled around, I didn’t want to go and look after two 6 year olds for the evening, so I made Joshua promise that he would come over after the girls had gone to bed!

I gave him one last kiss before I backed out his drive and drove home in my little white Fiat.

“I’m Back” I shouted from the empty kitchen ... no response.

I looked down at the pile of letters that were set on the kitchen table and found one addressed to me, I opened it nervously, hands shaking as I unfolded the paper and began to read

My heart thudded against my chest; the more I read on the more I wanted to scream in delight, I had got a Conditional for Elderbrooke University!

I let out a blood curdling scream, and only stopped when my whole family had emerged from upstairs to enquire as to why I was screaming.

I danced around saying in a sing song voice “I got a conditional to Elderbrooke, I got a conditional to Elderbrooke”

I pulled my phone out my pocket and texted Joshua as fast as I could telling him the good news.

His response quick It read;

Well done babe, I knew you would get it!

I’ll be round at about 10, and I’ll bring something so that we can celebrate

Love J xx

 I grinned.

The End

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