Chapter 1.2 - Precious Little TimeMature


A gentle breeze blew across the garden and I was suddenly aware that I was getting cold, night was drawing in and the temperature had dropped slightly.

I rolled over to look at Joshua and found that he had fallen asleep, his arms wrapped gently around me, typical!

I wriggled as gently as I could and slowly moved his soft hands from around me; he stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake.

I hopped off the trampoline and ran upstairs to get my cardigan, I rummaged through my bag pulling out everything; socks, top, jeans, knickers, bra – sods law it will be at the bottom I thought and so it was. I shoved everything back into my bag and pulled on my warm black cardigan, as I turned around to head back outside to snuggle back down with Joshua, there he was in the doorway.

His short brown hair was tousled and his deep brown eyes looked back at me in confusion,

“I went to get my cardigan I was getting cold” I said simply

The confusion left his eyes completely and he smiled back at me, and then grabbed me for a hug.

He fiddled tenderly with my long blonde hair twirling it around his fingers and then occasionally kissing my neck.

“I was getting cold too but we can warm up in here” he whispered softly in my ear

Was I ready? I was unsure; I have been with him for nearly a year, and we did have the house to ourselves the entire weekend since his parents had gone to a wedding of one of their friends down south.

I pulled away slightly to look at him, we were both of age and it’s not like we wouldn’t use protection; we’re not stupid after all!

I allowed us to fall onto the bed, kissing him made me feel as though 100 fireworks were going off inside my head; it was the best feeling ever!

I rolled over so I was laid on top of him, kissing him passionately while his hands seemed to touch every contour of my body and mine touching every part of his!

“These things here seem to be getting in the way” he said between kisses, pulling at my clothes

I giggled and then said playfully “so what are you going to do to get them out the way?”

He reached up and slowly took off my cardigan and top and threw them onto the floor, revealing a rather sexy looking bra.

I began kissing him again whilst I removed his shirt, to reveal his beautifully toned six pack; he wrapped his arms around me and after quite a bit of fiddling my bra fell away.

Under the covers we went our bodies pressed right up against each other, kissing so much it left us out of breath.

My jeans and knickers were the next item of clothing to be kicked out the bed, closely followed by his jeans and boxers.

Joshua reached into his bedside draw and pulled out a condom and said

“Are you sure you’re ready?”

I nodded my mind made up; everything had come to a head – if you excuse the pun and so we began.


* * *

I laid awake much later smiling at how amazing that was and how I knew that Joshua was definitely mine forever.  The glow in the dark stars on his ceiling were shining down on us, just as bright as the ones outside!  

The End

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