Chapter 1.1 - Precious Little TimeMature

Looking up at the sky, I saw a magnificent orange glow which seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. It was so peaceful and calming just to look up and let all my troubles fly away.

I closed my eyes and listened to what I called ‘the sound of the earth’ and smiled as I heard nothing but a few birds chirping happily in the distance.

It was a warm night and I could think of no better way of spending a Friday night than being here with Joshua.

I moved closer so that I could feel his body against mine and stared into his beautiful brown eyes, he had that cheeky glint in them again.

“What?” I asked, my mouth breaking into a smile.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said

I could feel myself blushing (and since I had very little makeup on made it all the more obvious).

He sat up and brushed his hand against my cheek, and pressed his lips softly against my mouth.

His arms wrapped around me and I was pulled closer towards him, we laid back down on the trampoline not saying much, it was after about 10 minutes, that Joshua broke the silence.

“When was it we got together babes?”

I sat up I thought this was a rather odd question.

“July 16th last year, why?”

“There was a ton of posters around college that mentioned the date of the year 13 Prom and it seems to suitably fall on the date that we got together, so I was wondering if you would accompany me, Miss Megan Hughes.”

“Well” I said jokingly “I have had so many offers, who to pick! There will be so many people disappointed.”

He laughed and then said “So is that a yes then?”

“Of Course, Mr Joshua Bailey.”

This is one of the many things I love about my boyfriend, he knows how to have a joke and has an amazing personality, and it's one of the things that drew me to him in the first place. I am not one of those girls who goes for a boy based on his good looks, personality for me is essential!

I can clearly remember when I first glimpsed him, drama class he was the new student that I had heard about from my friend Elsie Jones who said he had sat next to her on the bus and she had described him as being “hot hot hot”.

Elsie had claimed him to be her school project and said that he would be hers by the end of the term.

Boys are particular to the girls they go for though, Elsie was obviously trying way too hard which made her look desperate, something I wish I had never told her.

Of course, you can imagine how she reacted when she noticed the chemistry between Joshua and myself, she refused to talk to me and when she found out we were dating she declared that she now hated me for stealing her ‘would be fella’ -sigh- oh well she'll get over it … eventually.


The End

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