My footprints left a distinct mark, unsettling the layer of thick untouched snow that had fallen.

It crunched noisily under my feet as I made my way up the steps towards the small gate that led into the graveyard.

I followed the path around the church, keeping in the shadows as much as possible until I came to a large snow covered willow tree, which seemed to sag under the weight of the snow.

 In the shadow of this willow tree was his grave, the headstone had been covered with ice and snow so that the letters were hidden from view, and the flowers that I had left the night before had been pinned to the ground by the heavy snow.

I forced back a tear as I started to clear the snow and ice off the headstone with my sleeve, so that I could read the name that had been engraved underneath.  Joshua Bailey.

 How had it come to this? Visiting his grave in the dead of night because I couldn’t be seen near his grave during the day? How could they blame me for this?

I wished I could stay here forever just so that I could be near him, and feel his presence.

I laid down on my back looking up at the night sky, the snow clouds seemed to have cleared and I could see the faint little dots in the sky and the moon trying to break out.

 Joshua always loved looking up at the night sky. I started to remember times when him and me would lay on the trampoline in his back garden for hours on end and just look up at the night sky, his arms wrapped tightly around me and mine around him.

I said quietly to myself,

“Now he can lookup at the stars forever”

The End

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