Gazing up at the twinkling orbs of radiant light, I lose myself in the dazzling beauty of the night sky. Darkness surrounds me, but I somehow have never felt safer. In such a rich landscape, I'm curious to how anything could hurt me.

Looking to my right, I see the soft and long grass that grips onto my arms and legs, holding me here, as if to say Why would you ever want to leave, when you're the only one who can enjoy this? This view was the sole property of my eyes, and I wanted desperately to keep it that way.

Looking back up at the sky, my eyes are immediately captured by the sight of the moon. It has never looked bigger, and it's as if it is only a few feet away from me - close enough for me to reach out and grab it, savouring it for myself.

Every crater looks as if it's been delicately and carefully painted on by a professional artist, and the canvas which it lies upon, the sky, looks as if a thousand diamonds are hurtling towards the Earth, faster than I can even imagine.

The grass rustles as a cool breeze flows gently through it, and it cools my face, bringing a smile with it.

The End

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