It took the man three days, like it normally does, to wake up and when he did he was agressive. "Stay away from me" he growled. His body was set in a defencive crouch and he was moving away from us at a slow pace.

"Just let us explain" I called from the doorway. He looked up and gasped. I knew what he must be seeing, the most shockingly beautiful girl he has ever seen before. Plus, with his stronger sences he must be seeing me in a much clear and brighter image. Everyone started to back out of the room Edward nodding to me on the way out. "Look I know your frightened, I was too at first, but your going to be alright" I say sweetly.  His possition becomes less aggresive and I take the chance to move a bit closer. "I wanna help you. Remember I saved you from the bear" I say slowly approaching. Realisation comes over his face.

"You took it down but.... but.... thats not possible" He mummers. Oh how he looks so much like Henry. But his face is just now so perfect. "A lot of things in my life arn't possible. But they still happen" I scoff. The boy straightens up and I smile at him receving a nice but timid one in return. "My name's Rosalie. What yours?" I ask nicely.

"Emmett. My names Emmett"

I scowl at the door furiously. How dare he? I mean How dare he go off like that and start watching over that girl like some guardian angel. I groan and Emmett holds me close. "We're all angry, Rose so can you please stop moaning because it makes me feel bad" Emmett complains. I look at him and place my hand on his cheek. "I'm sorry" I whisper before kissing him lightly. I settle my head back against his chest his body surrounding me like a sleeping bag. I hear and engine and suddenly everyones on their feet arms folded. Edward comes in and looks around in shock. Shocked you should be worried not shocked. Edward looks at me hearing my thourghts. "Did you..." He begins.

"Alice saw you rescue her from those drunken morons" Jasper says straightly. Edward body stiffens and anger fills his eyes. "Why can't you just be happy for me? It's not like I fall for every girl I see" Edwards shouts. Then with that he storms out the house slamming the door behind him. Guilt fills me. "Maybe he's right" Alice says and I just notice she sat down on the bottom step.

"He is the most picky out of us all" Emmett says shrugging. I drop my head. I still think what he's doings wrong but maybe he does deserve to be happy just like all of us. I fold my arms angrily "But why couldn't he have just gone for someone less ...well you know someone who won't be missed" I moan. Their are murmurs of approval. It's the most important thing about when changing someon to a vampire you must think about their family. And obviously her mum and dad arn't dieing anytime soon.

The End

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