She looked at me and then breathed in slowly, like she was trying to control herself. "Rosalie," she said, "why did you tell him?"
"What?" I was truly clueless. What had I done?
"You told Edward about my vision," she said. Her calm mask was shaken by her fierce voice. Her eyes were filled with accusations.
"I did not tell Edward!" I growled. How could she think that I would betray her that way? I would never.... A new thought came to me then, and I immediately felt horrible for speaking so harshly. I would never betray her... not on purpose.
"You were the only person that knew, Rose." She spoke softly this time.
I realized why Alice asked him to come with us as I felt the calm wash over me as Jasper used his uncanny ability to keep us from yelling.
"Listen, in the car... I thought about it...But I promise I didn't mean to, Alice!" I sounded like I was begging someone to spare my life. "I was just going over the day in my head."
Alice looked surprised. She didn't say anything.
"Alice, did you really think I would tell him? You had asked me not to."
"Okay Rose," she said, "I believe you, it's fine. I just... wasn't sure. I guess that since you hadn't decided to tell him is why I didn't see it."
We all sat there for a moment, silent.
It started snowing, the flakes small, but beautiful.
Then Jasper spoke.
"Alice, what exactly did you see?" He asked.
I wasn't aware that Alice didn't tell Jasper, she always told him her visions.
"Well, love," she said, "I was looking for Edward's future, only his. I was wondering if he was planning to leave again, just in case Isabella's blood became too much for him." She paused for a moment before she started speaking again, her mouth moving at full speed as she hurried to get the words out. "I saw her. Isabella, I mean. She was a vampire in my vision, Jasper. I just...don't understand why I would see that when I was looking for Edward's future."
I thought about that for a moment. What does this mean? Was Isabella Swan part of Edward's future? How could she be? She did not know about us.
My thoughts were interrupted when Jasper spoke. "Do you think he might have been thinking about... biting her?" He asked.
"I don't believe he wasn't thinking about biting her, after all, that's why he went to Denali in the first place. He did not want to kill anyone," Alice said. "I don't think that he would think about making her one of us, either. If her blood is really that potent to him he knows that if he tried to make her one of us he would be overwhelmed."
I spoke for the first time since Alice had told Jasper her vision. "Then, what does it mean?"
"I believe that it means," Alice hesitated. "It means that it is a...possibility in the future. I have no idea how, but it is." She thought for a moment. "You don't think that... my ability is... fading? I mean, it just seems like that wouldn't be in Edward's future." She sighed a very, very sad sigh.
"No, love, of course your vision is not fading." Jasper said quickly, almost as if it was a natural reaction.
Alice looked to me for a second opinion.
"Alice, your vision is not fading. Don't worry about it." I said.
"Alright," Alice said.
We all sat there, thinking about Alice's vision until she finally stood up with Jasper.
They both looked at me so I got up and we took off running toward the house.
I noticed while we were running that it was still snowing.
The flakes had grown; coming down in large puffs. The snow was falling fast enough that by the time we got to the house, there was a fresh blanket, about two inches thick.
I bent down quickly and made a snowball; I still needed to get Emmett back for his move in the cafeteria earlier today. I hid the ball behind my back, carefully angling it so he would think it was just a casual position.
Emmett opened the door with Edward at his side.
I looked up at Emmett from the bottom of the porch steps, grinning.
He looked at me, confused.
Edward smirked at me from behind Emmett and pressed his lips into a hard line, trying not to laugh. He'd heard my thoughts.
I flung the snowball at Emmett, hitting him in the very middle of his forehead.
His expression was very surprised and then he quickly switched it into a devious smirk. "You really shouldn't have done that," He said smiling.
I raised one eyebrow, and looked at him incredulously.
He jumped down from the porch steps and then, quickly, made a snowball. He threw it at me, but I was ready and I ducked down, making another snowball in the process.
Emmett bent down again and I threw it at the back of his head.
"Ha ha!" I laughed.
Edward ran down the porch steps then, to join Emmett. He made a snowball and flung it at me while I ducked down to make another ball.
Alice ran up to me then, coming from somewhere in the back yard, carrying a huge pyramid of snowballs. The pyramid reached her chin. She set them down on the ground.
I realized why Edward joined. He had heard Alice's thoughts and made this a war.
Alice picked up two snowballs from the stack and pelted Edward with them.
Edward and Emmett both ducked as a snowball, coming from behind us, flew over their heads.
I turned my head and saw Jasper standing about 10 feet back from us, with another huge pile of snowballs.
They had planned this well. I turned around smiling, but then Edward threw a snowball hitting me in the face.
Emmett and Edward roared with laughter, Alice giggled beside me. I could also hear Jasper's stifled chuckle.
I wiped the snow from my face and then I couldn't help but laugh with them.
I stopped laughing then and grabbed a snowball from our pile and chucked it at Edward. Just as I had aimed, it hit his face.
He quickly made two more snowballs and then jumped over Alice, Jasper, and me. He threw them while in the air, one hitting me, and one hitting Jasper,
Then Emmett called for Carlisle. "Carlisle," he said, "bring us some ammo." Emmett flashed us a wide grin.
Carlisle came around then with an even bigger pile than Jasper had. He set them down on the ground in front of Edward and Emmett.
Alice grinned and chucked a snowball at Carlisle. "Ha!" She laughed, "Gotcha!"
Carlisle grinned and then picked up a snowball.
Alice jumped out of the way before it could hit her.
Jasper threw three snowballs at Carlisle, Edward, and Emmett; one for each of them.
Emmett flung one at me, I jumped out of the way and threw one back at him.
Eventually, Emse joined our team. We played for a while after that but then Emmett, Edward, and Carlisle stopped; they knew they would lose due to our extra player.

After a long battle, we all went inside again. Emmett and I sat on the couch and watched the television, while holding hands. Every once in a while, he would turn to me and kiss me before turning back to the show.
The night passed too quickly.
When I saw the sun rising over the trees I sighed, thinking about the school day ahead. Classes with teachers babbling on and on about things that I'd already heard so many times. I knew subjects up and down; I could quote all the scientific laws, I could do math problems that would take a human twenty minutes in just five. I could name almost every aspect of American history, after all, I was there for much of it. I new the story lines of all the books we read, and I could quote some of the parts in them by heart. So I didn't see why we had to continue going to school. I had every class with Emmett though, so it wouldn't as dreadful as it could be.
When it was close enough to the time when we had to leave, I went upstairs and changed into my clothes for the day. When I ran back down the stairs everyone was in the garage getting into Edward's Volvo.
The snow was still there, covering every inch of Forks in a beautiful, sparkling white blanket.

Edward parked the car in Forks High School parking lot and got out quickly.
The rest of us got out after him and looked over at him.
He seemed to be searching for something...
Or someone, I thought. I continued to think about his recent obsession with Isabella Swan. Anger rushed over me. What is his DEAL?! I yelled in my head.
I became calm as quickly as I had become angry; Jasper had felt it.
I heard Edward chuckle.
I growled quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. However, he didn't detect much; if he did he would have burst out into laughter. Moron!I shouted through my thoughts at him.
He stopped to look at me. He was no longer amused, but there was confusion covering his face.
I just turned away from him and flipped my hair.
Honestly, so obsessed, I thought. I was sure he would understand part of that thought so I didn't elaborate for him. I just let him think over those three words.

I turned to Emmett.
"Let's get to class, Rose," he said, smiling at me.
"Alright," I said with a grimace.
We walked about three steps when we heard a loud screech, coming from the parking lot.
I turned too quickly; my senses getting the best of me. I had turned fast enough to see a large van skidding, the driver out of control, towards Isabella Swan.
I gasped when I saw Edward run to Isabella, pushing her out of the way. He had ran fast enough that we would be invisible to human eyes, but he could not hide the van stopping immediately when it reached him.
The van moved up and then down quickly; Edward lifting it.
I couldn't seem to believe it. Had my eyes fooled me? Of course not! My vision was not anything less than perfect.
So then, what did I just see?
I knew the answer as soon as I had thought the question. Edward risking our secret to save this insignificant girl.
I gritted my teeth and glared at the wreck, Edward, and Isabella with hate that even I could not comprehend. I wanted to throw that van across the parking lot and I wanted to fight Edward, fight him and I wanted to win. However, a very, very small piece of my sanity -- which, surprisingly, was not burned and disintegrated by the hate -- kept me from doing so.
I clenched my my hands into fists at my side and waited, steaming and boiling, for the van to be moved.
Students were screaming. The ambulance arrived in a short time and the EMTs helped our teachers move the van.
When I saw the ambulance I thought of Carlisle, wondering what he would say to Edward after he heard what happened. Would he be understanding? Would he be disappointed or would he be angry?
The van was finally moved and Edward stood up slowly. He told the EMTs what had happened-- well, the most they need to know.
"She hit her head pretty hard," he explained, "she may have a concussion."
I gritted my teeth when I heard his voice; the anger and hate had not faded for one moment.
Isabella looked at us then -- Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and I who were still standing close by Edward's Volvo-- and impossibly, my hate and anger became stronger.

I got into the car and sat there, still boiling with anger.
Emmett, Alice and Jasper got in after me. They had all seemed to calm down and when Jasper looked at me, I did too.
Jasper's ability had, once again, helped me to calm down and think rationally.
I breathed in slowly and closed my eyes. I unclenched my teeth and smoothed my fists out so my hands were relaxed. "Thank you, Jasper," I said, my voice controlled.
"Are you alright Rosalie?" He asked, skeptical.
"I'm fine, I'm not a new born, Jasper; I can control myself." I snapped at him, though I was still under the waves of Jasper's calm, I was aggravated with him.
"Well, Rose, the way you were feeling is certainly very close to new born behavior," he said sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes, unable to feel angry with him. I noticed Alice looking thoughtfully out of the car window.
I cocked my head to the side. "Alice," I said, knowing what she was thinking, "why did he do that?" I was totally dumbfounded; the anger being dissolved I was able to ask this question without tensing my muscles, and I was able to feel differently.
"I'm really not sure, Rosalie," she replied. "He has been..." She seemed to be struggling for words. That was odd for Alice. "Distracted lately," she finally decided.
"Or obsessed," I said under my breath.
They all acted as if they did not hear me, though I know they did; even my whisper would have been picked up by any vampire.

The End

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