The weekend passed slowly, and for that, I was grateful; school held no interest for me. Emmett and I went hunting on Sunday.
I sniffed the air, trying to find a good scent. We didn’t go far so we were just hunting deer. Then, a wind blew in from the south. I ran until the deer were very close and slipped into a hunting crouch. I didn’t need to think about any of this, as no other vampires did, we followed our instincts. The deer were behind fern bushes, I tensed and launched myself at the herd.
I was so quick that none of them had time to react. Emmett took down the buck and I settled for the second largest.
When we had finished we went home and found different time consuming activities. After we'd built our third house of cards, we watched the television. I walked over to the piano and started playing quietly. Emmett walked over then and kissed me full on the mouth, since neither of us needed to breath the kiss lasted for a while, which was absolutely fin with me. Reluctantly, I pulled away and he grinned at me.
"I hear a car." I said at the same moment that Alice and Jasper ran down the stairs, Alice looked at Emmett and me and grinned.
"Jazz, I bet that's Edward." Emmett said, excitedly, still grinning.
"I would bet against that, but I don't feel like being wrong today." Jasper answered in the same excited tone.
Carlisle and Esme came from upstairs just then, both of their grins were impossibly bigger than Alice's.
We let Carlisle and Emse pass to get the door and all of us followed. We stood there, waiting by the open door.
We saw Carlisle's car and Alice ran out the door at full speed and opened Edward's car door.
"Edward!" She yelled, and then hugged him as soon as he got out of the car.
"Ha ha!" Edward laughed. "Well, hello Alice." He said, still laughing.
Carlisle and Esme were not far after her.
Esme pulled him into a vice tight hug and then stepped back. "Edward. Why didn't you tell me you were leaving? You had me worried sick, even when Carlisle told me where you were going." She said.
"Sorry, Mom," he said. "I love you."
Carlisle hugged him and just said, "Son," in his ear.
Then Edward turned to Jasper, Emmett, and me who were all a little farther back than the rest.
"Well, hey." Edward smiled. "Nice to know you missed me," he joked.
I walked over to him and hugged him. "Sorry, I didn't want to overwhelm you, what with Alice going beside herself over there" I said in his ear.
Alice grinned.
He laughed and Emmett and Jasper both walked over at the same time.
"Hey, bro." Emmett said, grinning, "I knew you couldn't stay away from us."
Jasper smiled, "Yup, that's why it was no surprise to have you come back."
Edward laughed and nudged Alice playfully, "So she wasn't any help?" He asked still smiling.
"She helped a little," Jasper said, smiling and then winked at Alice.
Alice skipped over to Jasper and then looked at Edward, "Welcome home," she said.
Everyone smiled at the thought.
Celebration was in the air, Edward was home.

I walked with my family on Monday to the cafeteria. It was snowing and the uplifting feeling of Edward's home coming hadn't left us yet.
Emmett slowed down and made a snow ball out of the freshly fallen blanket.
Hearing Emmett's thoughts Edward nudged Jasper and they both bent down quickly and made a snowball for themselves and threw them at Emmett. They were risking getting caught in their playfulness, throwing the snowballs at inhuman speeds. Luckily, no humans were there to witness it.
Alice and I sped up then, getting away from the wet and walked into the cafeteria.
We took our normal seats and waited for the boys to come in.
"Hey, Rose?" Alice asked, wary.
"Yeah, Alice?"
"I saw something..." She started.
I waited and when she didn't say anything I spoke up again. "What is it, Alice?"
"About that new girl, Isabella."
I was abruptly confused. "Yeah? What about her?"
"I saw her as... as... one of us." She said quietly.
"Oh!" I was at a loss for words, after a little thought, I found something to say. "Did you tell anyone else?"
"No, just you," she said, "She doesn't know anything, apparently. So why is that even a possibility?" She asked.
I couldn't answer because we heard Edward, Emmett, and Jasper laughing.
"Don't think about it, Rose, not right now." She whispered in my ear, not even the boys would hear her over their boisterous laughing.
I banished it from my thoughts.
None of the boys got food; they came right over to our table, covered in snow, and sat down.
Alice and I smiled at them and they all grinned in response. I would have started laughing, but their grins were too impish. They were planning something.
When the cafeteria started filling more, the snow on them was melting and Emmett looked at Edward. Edward nodded.
Alice and I exchanged a glance.
Emmett was sitting closest to me, as usual and he shook his hair out, splashing both Alice and me with water.
Alice and I both leaned back, disgusted.
I glared at all three boys and all of them laughed, just as they did while they were pelting each other with snow.
Emmett stopped and I glared at him. "Hmph."
"Awe, babe, c'mon. We were just having fun."
I turned to look at Alice and she was glaring at Edward and Jasper. Then, I turned back to Emmett.
"You got me wet, Emmett." I whined.
He waited for a second to make whatever he was about to say true. "I'm sorry, love. I didn't mean to make you mad."
"It's alright, you're forgiven." I smiled at him.
He grinned along with Jasper and Edward. I looked at Alice and she was smiling too.
The celebration was obviously not over; nothing could keep us mad for very long.
Just then, Edward looked away from us.
I turned my head to see what it was and I saw him looking directly in the direction of Isabella Swan.
A girl was talking to her; if I listened close enough, I could hear them.
"Edward Cullen is staring at you." The girl said.
"He doesn't look angry, does he?" Isabella asked.
Why would she ask that? I thought, and then I listened harder.
"No, should he be?" The girl said.
"I don't think he likes me," Isabella confessed, she sounded truly upset by that.
I stopped listening to their conversation, it wasn't enough to keep my attention.
Edward, however, seemed to be in deep thought as he processed what the girls had said.

When I walked to the parking lot with Alice, Emmett, and Jasper, Edward already was there, waiting by the car, staring intently in a different direction than us.
I looked in the same direction before getting in the car. When I did I saw Isabella Swan getting into her old, rusted truck.
I glared, out my window, at her. Why was Edward always staring at her? I stopped right there, aware of Edward being able to hear me.
However, I continued to glare at her while she got into her truck.
Isabella looked over at Edward started to rush. She pulled out of her space quickly, almost hitting a Toyota.
Edward got into the car then, laughing.
Emmett, Alice, and Jasper were all confused; they hadn't seen what Edward and I had just seen. He found it amusing. However, I found it very aggravating.
Why couldn't Edward stop looking at her? It bothered me tremendously, but I didn't think about it; I was sure Edward would say something if I did.
I let my thoughts go elsewhere, not paying strict attention to them, until I heard Edward's body stiffen, making the leather on the seat squeak. I quickly tried to go over what I had just thought about, running the list through me head.
I'd thought about school and I'd thought about asking Alice to design a new outfit with me. I thought harder and realized that thinking of Alice was a mistake. The last thing I had thought of was what Alice had said to me at lunch, the vision she had of Isabella. When I thought Alice's name I saw Edward glare at the road in the rear view mirror. He didn't say anything about it, but he wasn't at all animated until he caught up with the conversation again.
I was quiet as I sat next to Emmett on the way home.
About half way to our house Emmett looked down at me. "How was your day?" He asked. He sounded worried, no doubt because I didn't join the conversation they were all having.
"It was fine," I said and then I smiled. I had Emmett; I shouldn't let trivial things, like whatever Edward was thinking, bother me. I smiled at my prince and laid my head against his chest.
When we got out of the car Emmett held my hand and then pulled me to a stop. I looked at him, confused.
He stepped over to me and hugged me close.
I rested my head against Emmett's chest and then I looked up at him.
He knew what I wanted and I stood on my tiptoes while he kissed me.
We smiled at each other for a little while and then we went into the house, holding hands.

That night, my whole family stayed in the living room. We couldn't seem to shake off the celebration from the night before.
Esme sat next to Edward while Carlisle sat on Edward's other side. Alice sat on the floor at Edward's feet and Jasper was lying on the floor, his head on Alice's lap.
Emmett and I sat on the love seat.
Everyone seemed to center themselves around Edward, whether we were talking with him, watching the television, reading, or just enjoying the moment we didn't seem able to leave his side.
It felt to me that, if we were human, we would all be sitting around a dining table, enjoying our evening meal, but we are not human. I felt a wave of sadness. I would trade anything to grow old with Emmett and have beautiful children, I wanted it with all my heart but I would not ever have a child. My body could not change in order to carry a baby for nine months; I was frozen in all my immortal perfection.
Jasper felt my mood change and opened his eyes. He sat up, but did not say a word. He looked at me for less than a second and abruptly I was happy. I was grateful for his intervention; I did not want to be wallowing while my family was so blissful.

After a while, Edward, Emse, Carlisle, and Emmett left the room. I was relieved when Emmett leaving so I could talk to Jasper; I didn't want to explain to him the reason Jasper had to use his 'talent' on me tonight.
"Thanks, Jasper," I said when our family left the living room.
Jasper smiled at me, "You're Welcome, Rose." He said. "It messes with my own mood when someone isn't feeling well."
I flashed him a grin.
Alice sat up then, her expression was very much like it was in lunch today, wary, but this time, a hint of another emotion danced in her eyes. Panic? She controlled her expression before she spoke. "Rosalie, will you come with me, outside?" She asked, a serene mask painted on her face, or maybe Jasper felt her mood and didn't like it.
"Oh, uh, sure, Alice," I answered.
"You too, Jasper," she said and Jasper got up without a word.
We followed her out the door, and she broke out into a run.
We ran silently, so, I let my mind wander.
Why did Alice ask me to come, of all of our family? I wasn't the closest person to her, Jasper was, and she'd asked him to come. But Edward was the second closest person to her, and she hadn't asked him. Was it about Edward? Is that why she didn't ask him to come? But, why would she ask me? If it was about Edward shouldn't she talk to Carlisle?
I continued to ask myself questions, all of them without answers, until Alice finally stopped. I had no idea how far we were from the house; I hadn't been paying attention.
Alice sat on the ground and looked up at me; Jasper had already sat down next to her, so I was the only one standing.
I sat down and the main question popped out of my mouth. "What is this about, Alice?"

The End

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