Starless Night

Twilight written in Rosalie Hale's point of view.

"Goodnight, Vera," I told my best friend while standing in the doorway of her house with her, her husband, and her little 2-year-old Henry.
I looked at her family and her small house and felt a surge of pity. It was hard to believe that I had once been jealous of her. After all, I was Rosalie Hale and men's eyes watched me everywhere I went. I had a rich father and a big, lovely house. I was going to be married in a few weeks to Royce King. The Kings were, ironically enough, the royal family in my town. And I was soon going to be one of them. I could have a beautiful baby and grow old with my prince in my big house.
"Goodnight, Rosalie, sleep well," Vera said, I turned and she shut the door.
It was unseasonably cold,
I hope it will warm, it would be dreadful to move the wedding indoors, I thought. I wanted an outside wedding with flowers and ribbons. I wanted a beautiful white wedding gown that outshone any other bride that had come before me. Royce promised me all this, and more.
I started to rush, it was getting dark and I did not want to be home late.
I saw a group of men standing under a street lamp, laughing very loudly. They were drunk, that much I could tell. Nearly running, I tried to pass them; I did not want to be noticed by
this group of men.
"Rose!" A man from the group called, I recognized the voice immediately and turned to see my fiancée standing among the drunk men. I realized, then, that all of them were very well dressed.
The other men laughed.
"There's my Rose," he yelled. "You're late, we're cold, you've kept us waiting so long!"
I froze where I stood, this was very unlike Royce, I'd never seen him drink much; he barley drank any champagne at parties.
"What did I tell you, John?" He crowed to his friend who had come up from Atlanta. Royce grabbed my arm, pulling me to him. "Isn't he lovelier than all your Georgia peaches?"
I looked swiftly over at the man named John, he had a sun tan and dark hair. He looked me over like I was an item he wanted to purchase.
"Well Royce," John said, "it's hard to tell; she's all covered up."
All of them laughed and I felt a spasm of horror and shock shoot through me with as much force as a bolt of lightening. I was screaming at myself to run but I could not make my legs move; I was frozen in horror.
Suddenly, as if to prove that my horror rational, Royce yanked the jacket he'd bought for me off of my my body, making the brass buttons scatter onto the street.
"Show him what you look like, Rose!" he laughed. Then I felt pain on my scalp, coming from the roots of my hair. Royce had yanked my hat off, wrenching the pins, pulling my hair. I wailed in pain. They looked at me as if they had just witnessed something very enjoyable.
One of Royce's friends grabbed me then, "Come on, Royce, let's see her!" The man called.
Royce laughed, along with the rest of them. John pulled my dress, ripping it, while Royce unbuttoned the back of it. I was fighting with all my might, but I was too weak against this group of men.
I knew it would be best to not speak, I did not want them to continue; I was hoping they would get bored if I didn't show any response.
One of the men grabbed my arms and pulled them back, as if to arrest me.
I found my voice then, unwillingly I called "Stop!" I begged. "Royce please!" My pleading opened a new enthusiasm.
They stopped undressing me and started pushing me around in a circle, each one of them hitting me, each time I screamed. Although I was in pain, I couldn't help being relieved that they stopped undressing me.
They continued to laugh as they hit me, and then, as I realized they were not going to stop, they undressed me further. They ripped and yanked off nearly all of my clothing.
After it was too much, I just made my body go limp, hoping, wishing, waiting for death. I felt the blood running down my body; I had been thrown to the ground multiple times, gaining huge scrapes along my body.
They stopped when they finally noticed my unresponsive state, and dropped me. They were laughing when they walked away. They thought I was dead, one of them told Royce he needed a new bride.
"I'll have to learn some patience first." Royce joked.
As their laughs and footsteps died away the cold seemed to intensify the pain. I shivered and winced when the tiny movement made a pain go through my body like I was being stabbed my knives. I looked up at the sky, hoping some light would put me into a trance-like state, or maybe a meteor would pass by and I could wish for death to come faster. I didn't see any stars, I wasn't sure if it was due to pain, or clouds in the night sky, but no stars were visible that night. I closed my eyes and waited for death.
After a short while, someone was touching me, the person's hands were freezing, even colder than the night. I slowly opened my eyes.
It was Dr. Cullen. Though I was in pain, envy shot through me when I saw him; his beautiful face making me annoyed.
He worked over me and I couldn't help being aggravated; I'd never liked the Cullens, all of them were too beautiful, even more beautiful than me.
Then Dr. Cullen pulled my up into his arms and I knew then that I was dead, or very close to it anyway. Everything was moving so fast, I closed my eyes and waited for death.
It was not long until i felt a rush of warm air heat my body, the only cold thing then was Dr. Cullen's arms under my half-naked body. I opened my eyes when he laid me on something hard, a table. I was about to close my eyes thinking that he was going to let me rest when something cut my throat. Then my wrists and my ankles. I screamed in terror, thinking he'd brought me there to hurt me even more. I wanted to get up and run but I couldn't now, not just due to exhaustion, but a new pain was soaring through my body.
It was a burning kind of pain, but I knew, since my eyes were open that I was not being burned by fire. The pain was searing me now, I felt like I should be a pile of ashes.

I did not know how long it had been since the pain started, but I begged him to kill me every second. I screamed and he said "sorry" each time. When I saw Mrs. Cullen come into the room I begged her to kill me. The pain was too much.
"Honestly, Carlisle?
Rosalie Hale?" I heard a new voice ask. He seemed annoyed, or aggravated. "Don't you think that she would be just a little recognizable? What will the Kings do, not that anybody will expect the fiend."
Good, I thought, someone knows he did it.
"I know, but Edward, it was too much waste." Dr. Cullen exclaimed while holding my hand.
"I know." Edward said.
Those two words bothered me more than anything, almost as much as the pain. Edward seemed dismissive as he said them and that irked me.

Some time had passed and I stopped screaming. The pain wasn't gone, but they obviously weren't going to do anything. When I stopped, Carlisle was telling me about some vampire nonsense, saying that was why I had all the pain. That was what I was becoming. I didn't believe him, though the pain was there, it couldn't be that.
An immeasurable amount of time passed and the pain started to fade from my limbs and other parts of my body. Only my heart was burning until the last moments. It seemed like the pain intensified in my heart while it left my other body parts. The burning was in my heart only then and it wasn't letting up, finally I felt my heart stutter and stop. I waited for more pain, but nothing happened, so I sat up. Everything was so
clear. I could see so much that wasn't there before. I could even smell scents that I couldn't smell before.
Carlisle then told me more about what I had become, I believed him when I saw my reflection in a mirror. I was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Pride and happiness filled me and I smiled a beautiful smile.

I sighed and Emmett looked at me then, questioningly.
"It's nothing. I was just remembering different things." I said. He didn't ask for anything more than that, for that I was grateful.
I went over this in my head so many times others would have gotten bored, I bet Edward was, he heard me whenever I thought about that night, or nights. I looked over at Edward in the Fork's High cafeteria, he seemed oblivious enough. So I just looked at Emmett and smiled, then I saw Emmett eyeing Edward. I looked at Edward and he shook his head -- ever so slightly so nobody else would notice -- at Emmett.
"What are you guys talking about?" I asked Emmett.
"The new girl here, she keeps looking at us. She seems innocent enough, but Edward keeps looking at her too... I was asking if she had figured anything out about us." Emmett explained.
Edward acted as if he didn't hear him and looked over at Isabella Swan. He seemed frustrated, like there was something about her that bothered him.
I looked over at the girl and she was facing away, I looked back at Edward and he looked at Alice. I ignored whatever conversation they were having, it wouldn't be interesting anyway. I looked at Emmett and I saw Edward turn his head, abruptly, to Isabella again.
I looked at her, without turning my head and she seemed to peek at Edward. She was obviously trying to be inconspicuous but she quickly turned away from Edward when she saw that he was staring at her. Why couldn't Edward stop looking at her? Envy shot through me, and then left as quickly as it had come; She was such a normal girl, there was nothing about her unique or beautiful, that pleased me. He obviously wasn't looking at her because he thought she was pretty. I felt a smile spread across my face and I quickly stopped before anyone saw.
Edward looked at me then and rolled his eyes, no doubt he'd caught that thought and he'd obviously heard the very, very brief flicker of jealousy when I saw him looking at her.
I waited for Jasper to look at me, but when he didn't I guessed he hadn't noticed, or maybe he was just used to it. Jasper's expression was strained; he should have hunted more than us, being the newest one of us, but he only went when we did. I could almost feel all the pain he was going through. I needed a distraction so my throat wouldn't start hurting.
I looked at Emmett and he smiled at me, "I love you," he whispered.
"I love you too." I said. And I turned my head and looked out the window to the right of me and waited for lunch to be over.

I walked toward the parking lot with Emmett at my side, school was over and we were waiting for Edward to bring the car around. Alice and Jasper came to stand by us while we waited. Alice, Emmett, and I got into the back seats while Jasper moved to the front of the car.
"Ugh, today was horrible." I complained to them, "I don't see why we have to go through school over and over again." I heaved out a heavy sigh to show my distaste for high school and then leaned my head against Emmett's big chest. I closed my eyes.
"I'm sorry, babe," Emmett said. "I don't like it much either." Then he kissed my head. "So Edward, what was with that new girl today?"
Edward groaned.
I opened my eyes then, Edward didn't normally show this side of him.
"What is it?" Alice asked. Her voice was alive with not only curiosity, like me, but she really had a worry for our brother. I did not see any reason to worry, but then, Edward didn't answer.
"Edward?" I asked. I truly was worried now. A new thought came to me: You didn't kill her, Edward? Did you? But before he could answer I remembered seeing her go to her old, noisy truck that probably couldn't go any faster than 30 miles per hour and the worry faded. Never mind, you don't have to answer that, I know you wouldn't. I told him, through my mind.
"She doesn't know anything, does she?" Alice and I asked at nearly the same time.
Jasper spoke for the first time since we had gotten into the car. "He's feeling...unsure?"
Edward turned his head and glared at Jasper.
I cocked my head to the side. Why would Edward not be sure about her thoughts? He can hear everyone.
"I...I can't --" Edward started, we waited but he didn't continue. I knew that he was answering my question, I thought about it for a second...HE DOESN'T HEAR HER?! Shock stopped me and I couldn't ask him if I was right; I couldn't think about anything.
"What is it?" Emmett asked, eager, "What can't you do?"
"I can't...hear her thoughts." He said reluctantly.
Everyone froze at that one moment with the expression that was on their face before that second; Emmett looked eager, interested. Alice looked worried. I could only see one side of Jasper's face, he looked confused.
Alice was the first to break the silence. "W-what?" She stammered. "You... Can't...Hear...Her?" She asked, confused.
Edward did not answer, he didn't need to. The ride was completely quiet the rest of the way home.

The next day, we all went to school... Except for Edward. He decided to go visit Tanya's family in Denali. We weren't sure for how long and only Carlisle and Alice knew why. Alice said she would tell us at lunch. I couldn't see why she wouldn't just tell us in the car, but she must have had a reason; she was quiet on the way to school. No doubt she was concentrating on seeing whether Edward would come back.
I was unusually impatient for lunch, where it was hardest for us to keep up our human facade. A lot of the time it was hard for me, not because I was too thirsty, not because I was the most beautiful of us all so I looked less human the the rest of us, but because I always had to pretend for my family that I didn't mind this life. I should be a human; food should not disgust me, but I was not human and I repelled from food like I was about to eat a bug.
My classes up until lunch dragged so slowly, even though time was not really something most vampires really paid attention to, every tick of the clock made me more, and more impatient.
The teacher finally, after an hour of droning on and on, let the class leave early for lunch.
Emmett and I walked, too slowly with humans around, to the cafeteria. I couldn't see why Edward would leave us, and it was bothering me all day, I was very anxious to see Alice.
We walked to our table, not bothering to get our food for the day, and sat down at our usual table. Alice was already talking to Jasper when we came, explaining. That bothered me, she couldn't wait to start until Emmett and I got here? I took a deep breath in and listened to Alice.
"...So, Edward was talking to me last night, and he said that he couldn't stay here. I asked him why and he said, 'Her blood was too...much. Too...potent.' I told him that I didn't understand what he meant and he said, 'I almost killed her in that class room, I was so close to doing it.' --"
Alice stopped there and looked down. Nobody said anything, and I just stared out the window, trying to make sense of what Alice just told us. Finally, I asked Alice if there was anything else.
"No, he just got up and left... took off running towards the hospital." She said.
"Oh, he was saying goodbye to Carlisle. Why didn't he come and tell the rest of us?"
"Your guess is as good as mine." She flashed a smile. Obviously Alice wouldn't have to guess. Then, the smile turned into a grimace. "Guess..." She scoffed. She didn't like the sound of that, apparently.
"Wouldn't want to disappoint Esme?" Emmett asked.
"I would that would be my guess," She said still grimacing.
"Well, maybe he will come back, after some time in Denali?" I asked, "Or we could visit him?"
"I don't think we should," Jasper said. "Leave him be for a while... Let him clear his head."
I thought about what Jasper said and a flicker of hope came to me, "You think Edward will come back?" I asked him.
"I think that it's a possibility."
That bothered me, although Edward annoyed me on a nearly daily basis, I would miss him.
I saw Isabella Swan walk into the cafeteria then and I held back a glare when she looked at our lunch table. So, I turned my head away before she could see me eying her and looked at Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. Who was she to drive Edward away? This girl bothered me immensely and I wanted to tell her to leave town and never come back.

Later that week, we still hadn't heard from Edward and we were all wondering if he would come back.
When we got into the car after school that day Jasper was talking to Alice, who was in the passenger seat. "Alice, what do you see?" He asked, somewhat anxious. "What is it?"
Alice saw something. Hope came into my system and flowed into my lungs as I breathed in and out.
"Edward." She said, and then she grinned. "He's coming back!"
Relief took place of the hope and all of us smiled at the same time, mirroring Alice's exuberant, up lifted expression.

The End

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