Draw your Sword

Poppin drew the sword slowly from its sheath, praying that it won’t make a sound. Barely breathing, he slowly started to make his way past the enormous eye towards what he hoped is the back of the dragon’s head.

 “Brain or heart” he thought to himself. “You need to stab a dragon either through the brain or the heart. That is what all the books say.” Seeing as this was Poppin‘s first attempt at becoming a dragon slayer, he would have to take the book’s word for it.

 The dragon sighed again. Loud enough to make the cavern tremble and crumbs of rock and dust to fall from every ledge and crack. Was it just his imagination, or did that sigh sound a little mocking?

 As Poppin finally reached the dragon’s scaly green ear, he sat down to consider his options. “The books weren’t all that clear about exactly how one is supposed to get to the brain,” he thought to himself. There were some vague drawings and impressive accounts of stabbing the dragon’s brain, but being himself now faced with a skull probably as thick as a stone wall, he was starting to wonder if any of those heroes actually had seen a dragon before.

 The general theory is that you need to climb in a dragon’s ear and stab it from the inside, a voice resonated in his head, but that doesn’t sound particularly pleasant for either party, does it?

 At first Poppin thought it was his own voice thinking aloud, but his own squeaky 16 year-old voice never sounded so impressive.

 “Who said that” he whispered. Raising his sword, while his eyes dart about looking for the helpful intruder.

Me of course. Do you see anyone else stupid enough to come into a dragon’s den? the voice chimed in rich tones inside his scull again.

 Poppin swirled about. Looking in every direction. “Show yourself” he whispered. Praying that the dragon would not wake up.

 But I am awake, little dragon slayer, the voice said. And with that the world started trembling as the dragon started to rise.

 Panic and shock was delayed for a second while Poppin tried to make sense of the scene. There will be more than enough time to freak out momentarily. For now his brain wanted some logic. As far as his brain could figure right as this moment, two things were clear. One, he was talking to a dragon who is now very much awake. And two, he was not only talking to a dragon, but the dragon could read his mind.

 “Interesting,” he thought. And then looking up at the dragon one last time, he proceeded to faint unceremoniously onto the ground. 

The End

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