Smite Thee Dragon!

The first thing you do is straighten your metal helm, which happens to be about a size and a half too big for your head.  Then you take a deep breath to help steel your nerve before letting out with your loudest battle cry.

"In the name of Lord Gregoria and the kingdom of Fiore, I slay thee, dragon!"

With a mighty swing you slash at the dragon's eye!

With a shocked expression, you watch as the blade of your sword snaps in two when it strikes the hard scales of the dragon's scaly eyelid.  Your heart sinks into the pit of your stomach as you pull back the sword and realize that your three-foot blade is now shortened to just barely half that length.

With an ominous feeling tightening in your chest, you suddenly realize that the dragon is only half blind as it lifts his massive head and turns it to the left so that it could see you with its good right eye.  The cat-like pupil widens and narrows as it focuses its vision squarely on you.

The deep rumbling moan you heard earlier echos in the deep cavern, this time followed by a plume of sulfuric smoke that engulfs you and triggers a coughing fit.

"Again?  Again?!" the dragon growls in a voice that vibrates the walls.  "It never fails.  I finally settle in to take a nice long nap, and the next thing I know, some yokel from the nearby kingdom is trying to smite me."  There's a loud, resounding THUMP and the sudden earthquake shakes you off your feet.  Only a moment later do you realize that the dragon had slammed its tail in frustration.  It lowers its head to stare you as closely as it can.  "Do you have any idea how irritating it is to have someone smiting you while you're taking a nap?!"

The End

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