Staring into the Monsters Heart

It takes you a while to realise that what you're staring at is an eye, one you get past the clashing waves of emotion that hit you at first sight. The eye stares, standing taller than you, and wider than a horse. The pupil is like an abyss, falling on forever and ever, like a bottomless staircase you're following, just to see what lies beyond the blue black.

The eyes lid falls and rises, thats when you reel back and take it into contrast. It's like a cat's eyes, you think, then you notice what is peculiar about the eye. The colour is a powder blue, like grey clouds, mist-hung and dull. The creature staring back at you is blind, and blinks again, this time slower.

A moan fills the air, hangs, then falls like a receding whistle. The monster had sighed. Your hand is on your sword sheath. You've been hired to kill the monster, the dragon.

The End

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