Chapter #1

                    The water lapped at my paws along the beach. I knew I was taking a risk, that if anybody saw a wolf, they would tell, and we would be hunted. But I didn't care. I could do what ever I wanted, the pack didn't own me. I owned myself.

                    I laid down on the sand and my thoughts wondered to what had happened last night, starting from the beginning.

* * *

                    It was a gloomy morning and the sky was covered with a layer of black clouds, that casted a shadow over the school. It was going to rain soon, and we were prepared for a hurricane. When you live near the water, you never know when a light drizzle can turn into a huge storm.

                    I hugged my body, and desperately wished I had brought a bigger coat. I had forgotten to check the temperature before running outside, not wanting to be late for school.

                    A cool gust of wind tore at my hair, and then suddenly, a burst of heat ran through my body. I shot up into the air, my clothes ripping to shreds, as I grew fur. I leaped back to the ground, as a wolf, not a girl.

                    They found me - of course - in the woods next to where I learned my education, under a pile of leaves. I had fell asleep, thinking that all this madness was a dream and that if I went to sleep, I'd wake up as myself. Not a stupid grey wolf.

                    They carried me further into the woods, then woke me up, and explained everything.

                    "You're a werewolf, Bella." Miles had said. I remember grimacing. "And no - you're not dreaming. This is true, all of it. You're a wolf, like me and the others. We're each born like this, we don't know how it started, all we know is that we are who we are, there's no changing reality."

                    Miles took me home, and said he'd explain more of it, tomorrow. I had fallen asleep, my mind struck on the question, 'how is this possible?'.

The End

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